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Choose your Dutch voice over / voice over actor You can book a Dutch voice over or voice over actor quickly and easily via the Voicebooking platform. All voice over actors on this page work from their own home studio and therefore can be available at a moment's notice. You can listen along during the recording or book them in at a professional sound studio (in Amsterdam for example). Are you looking for the voice of a Dutch celebrity? Then head over to our Dutch celebrity voice over page.

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الأمر سهل جدًا

يمكنك معرفة التكلفة من خلال بضع نقرات. شفافية تامة. هذا مفيد أيضًا. ونتيجة لذلك، غالبًا ما يمكننا تقديم الخدمات بصورة أسرع من الآخرين على الإطلاق.

اعمل بالطريقة التي تريدها

تقريبًا جميع ممثلي التعليق الصوتي التابعين لنا يسجلون في الاستوديو الخاص بهم. هل تفضل الاستماع أثناء التسجيل من أجل توجيه ممثل التعليق الصوتي؟ هذا ممكن أيضًا. بالطبع يمكنك أيضًا حجز ممثل تعليق صوتي في استوديو.

المعالجة اللاحقة للصوت

يعرف مصممو الصوت التابعون لنا كيفية ترجمة النص إلى صوت. على مواقع مثل Voicebooking. حتى قبل أن تعرف ذلك.

Bahasa Indonesia voice actor needed?

Want to book a voice actor within a few easy steps? It’s possible at Voicebooking.com! We’re the first voice agency that works as a webshop. All our voice actors have their own studio which means they can deliver fast. This makes the way we work unique.

All our voice actors speak the language of the country they reside in which makes it possible for you to use our services for all your international productions. A very attractive benefit of this is that we can offer you sharp rates.

About the Bahasa Indonesia language

Bahasa Indonesia is the mother tongue of over 43 million people. In addition, it’s spoken by over 156 million as a second language. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia and is used by the government and media.

However, Indonesia is home to an incredible amount of languages. It’s estimated that the total number of languages lies around 700, varying between large groups of speakers, reaching tens of millions for Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese and smaller languages that are only spoken by 0.3 million speakers. Most Indonesians speak multiple languages, in fact Indonesia, in percentage, has the most people speaking three languages or more globally.

Our Bahasa Indonesia voices can be booked for many different types of productions including movie trailers, corporate video, e-learnings, radio commercials, TV-commercials and voice response messages.

In Russia a Bahasa Indonesia speaking voiceover is called a “Озвучка Bahasa Indonesia”, in Portugal people talk about a “Ator de voz Bahasa Indonesia” and in Poland it’s referred to as a “Aktor w języku indonezyjskim w Bahasie”.