Best of, Inspiration | 26/04/2018

7 conditions for a successful podcast

Podcasting is hot. Last year in English speaking countries, like Canada and the U.S, one in four adults listened to a podcast at least once a month. In Sweden the listener numbers were even higher. Here in The Netherlands podcasting isn’t that big yet, but here too it’s clear that the medium is growing quickly. Not … Continued

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Best of, Communication, Inspiration | 02/02/2018

Why storytelling always beats facts

‘We are active in 21 countries´. ´Our turnover has increased by 13%´. ´We invest 35,000 euros in sustainability´. You can’t be clearer or more persuasive, can you? Well…then you don’t yet understand the workings of the human brain. It gets the facts and figures just fine, it just doesn´t always feel very enthusiastic about them. … Continued

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News | 01/02/2018

New updates in ProjectPages

01 FEBRUARY 2018 Good news from our developers: we have just released an update which answers many of your questions. But, perhaps upgrade would be a better description. Because, this time we have actually put 87 (!) updates into the system. Here’s a handy outline of the three most important ones. New look One of … Continued

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Other | 19/01/2018

My solution for writer’s block: stop writing

  Ouch…you´re sitting in front of your computer and staring hopelessly at an empty screen. Your thoughts are running in every direction (except the right one) and suddenly you realise: this is writer’s block. In this blog I´ll give you a few handy tips on how to avoid this.     Before we begin. In … Continued

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Video | 30/11/2017

How to Get Staff Picked on Vimeo

If you’re into video content, you’ve probably heard of Vimeo’s ‘staff picks’. Getting selected by Vimeo’s staff is an incredible promotion opportunity. Giving exposure that sometimes even reaches as far as Hollywood…

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