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Direct voice overs from the comfort of your own desk

Found the ideal voice over and want to direct?
Easy, from your own chair, with Sessionlink Pro.

  • Being virtually present during the recording
  • Via a online app
  • Sessionlink and Skype dependent on voice
  • Studiohire unnecessary

With you can organise your voice overs in different ways. The easiest is to place a briefing in our project system that the voice actor will use to get started. But for some jobs it’s more important to stay personally in charge of the direction: Creative Control.

With Creative Control you log in with a generated link provided by Voicebooking, so you are able to direct and listen along during the recording. Or if wanted, you can get a direct feed from the mic.

Creative Control is already available with a large proportion of our Dutch and English voice over actors. Look at their profile under ‘call in and directing possibilities’ and Creative Control will be indicated. Simple!

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