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African voice over?

Want to book an African voice over or voice over actor? Via Voicebooking that's quick and easy. Perhaps most importantly, because we work with voice over actors who live in the country where the language originated whenever possible, you can be sure that they ́re a native speaker. If you have questions, then get in touch.

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Finally you've found us! You´re in need of voice actors, right? Well, luckily for you Voicebooking.com is a global leader in providing tailor-made voice over solutions. Our voice over agency is unique, because we work like a webshop and our one of a kind platform is designed using software that streamlines the whole process of sourcing, hiring, casting, recording and editing professional voice overs. We make it simple, cost-effective and above all fast.

Video and voice over content is in high demand, which makes the turn around times on projects short and the workload high. We´re all about making voice over work as simple and efficient for you as possible, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our unique platform gives you direct access to a hand-picked selection of experienced, top-quality voice over talents in multiple international languages: Afrikaans is just one of them. Think British or American English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian - no matter what you´re looking for our voice over actors speak your language.

The whole process can be managed and produced remotely, online. In just a few simple steps, you can choose, book, brief and send your finalised script to the voice over actor that best suits your needs. Your voice actor will then record, from their high-tech, home studio. Many are based in their country of origin and because they work remotely they can often have the raw audio back to you within 1 working day! This means, in most cases we can record and complete your voice over in the same time it takes other companies to just send you a quote.

If you need help though, that's not a problem. We have a fully trained support staff here at HQ. They all speak English and Dutch and they know the process inside out. Use the chat functionality on the site to ask quick questions as they pop up. Or get in touch by phone or email, whichever you prefer.

If you are on the go, you will be able to check in on your project and chat with your voice actor as they work on your script thanks to our full mobile optimisation.


If you´re not sure how the casting process works, or exactly what kind of sound best suits your project, we have in-house casting directors to help you narrow down the choice. With their help you can line up demos and finalise the project. Our new extended voice actor database includes a wide range of different types of actors from The Netherlands to South Africa. We have Afrikaans voice actors, German voice actors, French, German, Polish… you name it! If you need translation, our translators are specialists in voice over scripts - turning any wooly written text into natural sounding, engaging, spoken language and keeping you on message.

After recording, simply send a note of your approval of the raw audio and we can help you with the editing too. We have post production specialists on hand to help with audio engineering and mixing, to source music that captures the tone and mood of your piece and to make sure that the video sounds as good as it looks.


Ready to go? Excellent. Simply take these four steps to get started:
1. Create a profile on Voicebooking.com.
2. Create a voice actor list from our online database of professionals.
3. Listen to the demos of the voice talents that meet your requirements to make a comparison. You can read about their experience and see when they're available.
4. Once you have selected a voice over artist, just click on the type of job you need them for, e.g. web video, e-learning, or corporate video and you will immediately be able to see the fixed price for your job.

For those looking for additional help in post production, add the bolt-ons that you need such as professional mixing, then confirm the project total and book it!

We have a rigorous selection procedure for all our voice actors, they need to be skilled professionals with quality audio facilities, nuanced delivery and fast turn around times. We know from experience that it takes much more than just a beautiful voice to make a voice over work. With Voicebooking.com you can be assured that the voice over actor will take your direction and deliver on time.


ProjectPages is our client portal. After booking you can add your project to ProjectPages and then oversee it and manage it, all from one place. It includes space to upload the final script, liaise via chat, send notes on pronunciation and even listen in and direct while the actor is recording the script - via Creative Control. If there are special notes, or particular vocabulary that needs to be pronounced in a certain way, you can tell the performer directly.

The mobile app will send you a notification as soon as the raw audio is ready for you to listen to and approve.


One of the reasons that Voicebooking.com can work so fast is that we use fixed prices and rarely is their need to make adjustments. If you need a voice actor for a documentary - fixed price. For an in-reel commercial on YouTube - fixed price. Movie trailer, e-learning, webvideo - all fixed prices. You get transparency, value for money, speed and quality all in one place.

If you need additional help on top of the voice actor's work, a translation perhaps or audio mixing, then hit the button next to your chosen add-on and you can see the total price of your booking instantly.

That said, should you have something that needs extra attention - say, you're after a discount for making multiple video projects at once, or you´re in Amsterdam and would rather record in our studio in person - then simply get in touch with our experienced, support team. They all speak both English and Dutch and are always happy to help find the solution that works best for you.


Throughout South Africa and Namibia, Afrikaans is the mother tongue of over 7 million residents and is a second language for a further 10 million people. Even though that means only 13.5% of South Africa’s population speaks Afrikaans as their first language, it is still the lingua franca in both countries. Outside South Africa, Afrikaans has a very broad geographical distribution and further afield it is quite commonly a second or even third language.

Afrikaans as we know it today stems from 18th century Dutch and there is still a large overlap in the vocabulary. Our Afrikaans voice over actors can be booked for many different types of productions including movie trailers, corporate videos, e-learning, radio commercials, TV commercials and voice response messages. In Russia an Afrikaans speaking voice over artist is called a “Африканский голос актер”, in Portugal people talk about a “Ator de voz africano” and in Poland they are referred to as a “Aktor afrykańskiego głosu”.