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Voice NAK844

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About Me

This voice actor lives in Croatia and has 10 to 15 years experience as a voiceover. He has worked for clients such as Elda ltd., Live Studio and Radio Nova Gradiska. You can also book this voice for the following language English (INT).

ELDA Ltd    Largest European e liquid manufacturing
Prior employers

Daimler, Elda, Soundset Brod, Live Studio, Metra, Alles


Rode Broadcaster, Neumann u87, D&R Airlab, Coole Edit, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Telco Module, Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Editing & Mastering
Editing & Mastering Client favourite

Our voice overs deliver the recording as 1 raw file. With this option we take out any breathing noises, make sure the audio syncs to the image and get it broadcast ready.

Estimated amount in US Dollar
$ 92.25
Audio Mixing & Mastering
Audio Mixing & Mastering

Give your voice over the finishing touch and make sure you get optimal quality on every device. The music is no longer just in the background but a part of the soundscape. No longer distracting, instead it´s designed to draw your audience into the story.

Estimated amount in US Dollar
$ 146.37
Creative Control (Dial In Session)
Creative Control (Dial In Session)

Would you like to listen along with the recording? With this voice you can also call in to supervise or direct.

Estimated amount in US Dollar
$ 92.25

From journalists to Spielberg. Our scriptwriters translate written language into persuasive voice over scripts.

Estimated amount in US Dollar
$ 153.75

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