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About Me

This voice actor lives in Turkey and has more than 15 years experience as a voiceover. He has worked for clients such as Mitsubishi 4x4 l200, Nokia cell phones and ebay Turkey.

Prior employers

IBM , Panasonic Mobile, Borusan Mannesmann, BP Turkey, Etna Powers, Henkel Aerodag Ceramischield, Deracine, Goldwell, Mitsubishi 4x4 l200, Mr. Chicken, Turkish Airlines THY, Schüco Turkey, Nokia mobile Turkey; Lassa


Rode NT3, Zoom H6

Editing Client favourite

Our voice overs deliver the recording as 1 raw file. With this option we take out any breathing noises, make sure the audio syncs to the image and get it broadcast ready.

Audiodesign & mastering
Audiodesign & mastering

Is the audio just as beautiful as the picture? Do you want music and sound effects to take the video to the next level? Our audio designers translate the plain script into a true soundscape.

Creative Control (Dial In Session)
Creative Control (Dial In Session)

Would you like to listen along with the recording? With this voice you can also call in to supervise or direct.


From journalists to Spielberg. Our scriptwriters translate written language into persuasive voice over scripts.

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