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Looking for a German voice over?

Sorting a German voice over or voice over actor is really simple with Voicebooking. Search, set up a project and in most cases you´ll receive your audio within 1 working day. If you ́re looking for a Swiss German voice over or an Austrian German one, then click on through. Do you have questions? Or a special request? Then get in touch. In addition to the German voice overs listed here, we have many more in our extended database.

Choose your German voice over / voice over actor

  • DU  24h
    This voice sounds friendly, corporate and trustworthy.
  • DE  24h
    From young to adult, Anke has a clear and enthousiast sound that draws attention.
  • DU  24h

    A clear natural voice. Narrator Nadja sounds familiar.

  • In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.
  • DE  24h
    Deze stem klinkt zakelijk, vriendelijk en licht.
  • DU  24h
    This voice sounds light, friendly and reliable.
  • DE  24h
    Fresh and inspiring as the sound of Jonathan is, it makes any project special.
  • En låg budget? Varje vecka spelar 4 voiceovers in från 175 euro. Klicka snabbt för att gå vidare!
  • DE  24h
    Deze stem klinkt naturel, vriendelijk en betrouwbaar.
  • DU  24h

    Voice actress Miriam sounds reliable and warm. A full sound to her voice.

  • DE  24h
    This voice sounds heavy, trustworthy and corporate.
  • Use our guide track generator. It’s free.
  • DU  24h
    German voice actor Dirk has a deep 'trailervoice'.
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  • Really quick and simple service with excellent results, certainly the most efficient I've ever used! Such a helpful, friendly team! Many thanks :-)
    Anna — Altissia
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Få reda på vad något kostar med bara några klick. Transparent, eller hur? Och praktiskt. Det gör att vi ofta kan leverera långt innan andra ens hunnit göra en offert.

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Nästan alla våra voiceovers spelar in i sin egen studio. Föredrar du att lyssna för att kunna regissera? Inga problem. Självklart kan du även boka voiceovers i en studio.


Våra ljuddesigners vet hur ett skript ska översättas till ljud. Så innan du vet ordet av är det färdigt.


Then search no more! Because we can help you find the best, professional voice overs around. If you’re looking for a German voice over actor then working with Voicebooking.com offers multiple benefits. We’ve rapidly become one of the leading global voice over agencies, thanks to continually innovating on the process of finding, booking and recording a voice over.

With our refined platform and app you can not only find the perfect voice over in record time, but oversee it all digitally, and get help in multi-language projects, translation and post production.


Recording a voice over used to be a laborious and expensive process - not any more! We built Voicebooking.com to work like a webshop: a wide selection of voices, easily filtered and selected, with upfront transparent prices and a full support team to back it all up.

No longer the long and time consuming audition process, no longer difficult and wearying negotiations, no longer the cost of hiring expensive studios.

We have hundreds of native speaking voice over professionals, not just German voice talents, but British, American, French, Polish - you name it! All of them ready and waiting to record from their home studio. You can be sure to find the perfect voice for your project. Not only will they sound great but we choose our voice actors based also on their reliability, versatility and acting talent. Thanks to the total digitisation of both the recruitment and recording process we can often have your completed voice over back to you in as little as 1 working day - faster than others can quote!


We’ve put a lot of hard work into optimising our booking process over the last few years - iterating on our successes with real feedback from customers.

You can book your German voice over actor in just a few steps:
1. Choose a language, select voice over artists, listen to their demos and choose the one you want to work with.
2. See the voice talent´s fixed price for your production right away!
3. Need other help? Pick from casting, translation, audio mixing and any of our other bolt-on services.
4. See a total quote for your project up front and confirm your booking!

Once you’ve booked you can send your notes on the tone of voice you’re looking for and upload your script to the site in ProjectPages. Many of our voice overs do offer in studio recording, but the majority of our jobs go through our streamlined platform - meaning they record for you from their own high-tech studios, wherever they may be in the world. In 99% of cases our native German speakers (and our native Spanish… Polish… French… ) can deliver your raw audio in as little as 1 working day!


Once your order has been placed, you can monitor its progress, ask questions via chat, or listen along to the recording online via Creative Control, our optional directorial tool. And that doesn’t mean that you have to hang around watching your computer all day. With the Voicebooking.com app you can get in touch with the voice talent directly, receive a notification when the audio is ready for you, listen to it and approve it, all straight from your smartphone.

If you need to chat something over - a hiccup along the way, additional needs for post production, the client suddenly telling you that they also want it in Russian! - then get in touch with our multilingual support team. They can help you in Dutch, French and English, via phone, email and chat, and they know the whole process inside out!


Did you know that German is spoken by 180 million people globally? That makes it the 10th most spoken language on the planet. Approximately 100 million of those people are native speakers based in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Austria.

We have over 100 German speakers on the books at Voicebooking.com, based all over Germany: in Cologne, Dortmund, Bremen and the capital Berlin. And some who live further afield too, but all of them are guaranteed native speakers.

Our native German voice over artists have worked on all varieties of production from corporate films, to explanimations and film trailers to e-learning. They’re tried and tested professionals who have worked for major brands like: Amazon, AXA, BMW, Leica, Mercedes, Siemens, Vodafone and broadcaster ZDF.


If you’re looking for a voice over you can choose from our extensive selection online. We work with voice over actors from all over the world, from America to Africa, The Netherlands to Australia. If however, you need to outsource some more of the work, our in-house casting team can take that off your hands. We will hand-pick a selection of German voice overs that fit your brief and send them on to you.

We can take other tasks over for you too if need be, like: translating your script into various languages and into proper spoken language, or post production work like sourcing the perfect music and taking the approved raw audio and handling all the audio mixing.


Whether you´re recording a documentary, a commercial, an audiobook or an e-learning, our voice overs can do it! With our fixed prices you are also guaranteed great value for money. And, you never have to wait long to receive your high-quality audio. With our unique platform you can take most steps independently and see immediately a fair, transparent price for your German voice over. We like to keep things simple, you only order what you need.

If you´re experiencing any problems our support team is ready and waiting to take care of your queries and can help you in English, French and Dutch. You can reach us during office hours via email, chat and phone. And you can also get in touch with your voice over directly via the Voicebooking.com app.

The app lets you keep up with your project while you´re on the go. You can get an overview of your whole project and chat directly and quickly with the voice over. Perhaps there are tricky words in the script? Give them tips, or directions, or send a sound guide to aid correct pronunciation.

For more info on how we work and expert tips on how to make your German voice over sound as good as possible, have a read at our blog.