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Looking for a Hindi voice over?

Looking for a Hindi voice over or voice actor? That's not easy, because there aren't that many of them to be found. It's also important that they're professional and native speaking. At Voicebooking we take those sort of aspects into account, which is why all of our voice overs go through a strict selection process. Meaning you can trust that they will all be able to do your project justice.

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Nästan alla våra voiceovers spelar in i sin egen studio. Föredrar du att lyssna för att kunna regissera? Inga problem. Självklart kan du även boka voiceovers i en studio.


Våra ljuddesigners vet hur ett skript ska översättas till ljud. Så innan du vet ordet av är det färdigt.


Then you are in the right place, my friend. At Voicebooking.com, the only webshop for voice overs, we guarantee all our professional voice actors are also native speakers. Not only that but, as our unique digital system means all our voice talents work from their own studios, the majority of them are also based in their home country. A native speaker is almost always distinguishable from a non-native; so, for voice over purposes, using native speakers is the best way to guarantee flawless pronunciation, fluency of delivery and a quick, smooth recording. If you´re looking for a native Hindi speaker, come to Voicebooking.com and you can be sure that´s a given.


Yes! Voicebooking.com sets out to simplify and streamline the voice over process from sourcing, hiring, and casting, to recording, editing and mixing. We want to be the one-stop shop for everything voice overs and to make it as easy to choose and book your voice over online as adding products to a shopping cart. All the while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our unique platform gives you direct access to a hand-picked selection of experienced, voice over actors not just in Hindi, but in multiple international languages. No longer do you need to spend hours searching for actors, requesting demos and auditioning. Nor incur the high costs of booking a studio and technician, transport, and time, that used to be necessary to get a high quality voice over in the can.

Thanks to our online process you can now filter a large database of voice actors for your project, see a fixed price for your job and confirm a booking straight away.

Then send a brief and script to the voice over actor that fits your needs. From their high-tech, home studio they will then record high-quality raw audio and, in most cases, have it back to you within 1 working day! It is not hyperbole when we say we can usually deliver quicker than other agencies can quote!


We put a lot of time and effort into making our platform the most user friendly, intuitive system it can be. It is easy and straightforward to use. Still, if you need additional support - that is on hand! Our experienced multilingual support staff can handle all your additional enquiries and will always do their best to keep the process moving quickly and smoothly.

Our whole process is mobile optimised too. Meaning you have access to the project´s progress all the time and from wherever you may be working. Want to check in on the project, send a note to the voice talent or approve the received audio? Then simply use the Voicebooking.com app on your smartphone.

At Voicebooking.com we strive to make everything as hassle-free as possible for you. So, should you be having difficulty finding the right voice actor for you, then our in-house casting director can help you out. If you need your script translated, our translators are specialised in voice over scripts and will turn any plodding written language into sparkling, well localised spoken language, that sounds natural and engaging. After you have approved your audio, we even have a whole team of audio engineers to help you with post production. All these are available as simple add-ons, with transparent pricing that you can see before you confirm your project.


1. Create a profile on Voicebooking.com.
2. Create a voice actor shortlist.
3. Listen to a variety of voice actors and choose one.
4. See the fixed price for your job and book it!

With our many years of experience in voice over, we understand that a lovely voice is not enough to guarantee a great recording. Our professional voice over talents are chosen because, in addition to sounding great, they have excellent recording facilities, take direction well and deliver on time.

Once you have booked your voice over, go straight to ProjectPages and upload your script and notes for the voice actor. Decide if you want to listen along, or direct via Creative Control. Our chat functionality also allows you to talk directly with the voice over, long distance if you have a question or want to let them know about pronunciation issues or similar.


Of course the price depends on the type of production that you are making. If you need a voice over for an hour long documentary it will be a different price than a two minute explanimation video. We make it easy to get an overview though, so all our voice actors have fixed prices per production type, and you can see these straight away. In this way we can assure you a high-quality voice over, at the best value for money, in record time.

Add any additional services, such as script editing or audio mixing and see a full quote for the whole project before confirming. Ready to go? Just click Book and you´re off.

If you have any queries along the way, or need a bespoke quote for a larger project, then our support team are on-hand to help you. And though they may not speak Hindi, they all speak English as well as Dutch.


Hindi is one of the official languages of India, alongside the closely related Urdu, and English, among others. There are 22 languages used throughout India but Standard Hindi is the language used for formal proceedings, such as in parliament. Its origins lie in the northern Hindi Belt area of India, which includes the region of Delhi where the capital city New Delhi sits. Hindi stems from Sanskrit, but the term Hindi was originally a classical Persian word used to refer to the peoples living east of the Indus river. Derivative forms of Hindi can also be found spoken outside of India, in the Caribbean and Fiji for instance. With over 300 million native speakers, Hindi is one of the five most common languages spoken globally, after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English.

Our Hindi voices can be booked for all sorts of uses, think: voice response messages, and e-learnings, all the way up to documentary voice overs, corporate web videos and movie trailers.

In Russia a Hindi speaking voice over is called a “хинди голос за кадром”, in Portugal people talk about a “voiceover hindi” and in Poland it’s referred to as a “Hindi voiceover”.