Voice Casting: It’s easier to find a needle if you’re on top of the haystack

Looking for a voice actor or a beatboxing parrot?
Ask our Senior Casting Director!

  • Hundreds of voices on file
  • In-house Senior Casting Director
  • Recording on location or in our studio
  • Famous Dutch voices

Going into the studio with a voice actor? With our Dutch and Flemish voice over actors that’s always possible. We also have hundreds of other voices on our books. You could choose to record with voice actors of various nationalities via ISDN, SessionlinkPRO or Sourceconnect for example.

As a voice agency we always ask for a price quote for jobs on location from the voice actor in question. Keep in mind that these costs may differ from the ‘home recording’ prices.

Still haven’t found the perfect voice? Or are you looking for a native speaker of another language who is living in the Netherlands? Call our Casting Director and place a specific casting call.