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Looking for an Italian voice over?

Looking for an Italian voice over or voice over actor who has that oh, so melodious accent? Of course you´ll find them on the Voicebooking platform! When selecting Italian speaking voice overs and voice over actors we went looking for professionals with their own studio, who work in an easy-going manner and who really deliver something you can build on. You ́ll find them all here. Questions? Get in touch!

Choose your Italian voice over / voice over actor

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    GAJ386 is a voice actor with a deep, warm and elegant voice.

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    Voice AAI912 sounds fresh, young and light but has a gruff sound as well.

  • IT  24h

    This voice artist sounds heavy, reliable and friendly.

  • In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.
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    Voice RAC689 has a natural and reliable, but also a warm and friendly sound.

  • IT  24h

    Italian voice actress RAF514 has a warm, friendly, corporate to sexy, fresh or young sound.

  • IT  24h
    This voice sounds corporate, heavy and friendly.
  • Bütçeniz düşük mü? Her hafta 4 seslendirmeci 175 avrodan itibaren seslendirme yapıyor. Hemen şimdi tıklayın!
  • IT  24h
    This voice sounds cool, heavy and friendly.
  • IT  24h
    This voice is particularly cool. She can also do accents!
  • IT  24h
    This voice sounds trustworthy and friendly.
  • Use our guide track generator. It’s free.
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    This voice sounds corporate and light.
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Voicebooking.com is a global leader in voice overs, no matter what international language you are after. We have Italian voice over actors, both male and female, and many other European languages besides, including: British English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Polish… the list goes on!

We can offer such a wide range of voice over professionals because we are able to streamline the whole process of finding, auditioning and booking a voice over actor, thanks to our unique platform.

Simple, cost-effective and above all fast service, from the very best professional voice overs - that´s the Voicebooking.com way.

With high bandwidth streaming now a reality, video and voice over content is in higher demand than ever. This leads to tight turn around times on projects and high workloads. We strive to help you run your project as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


The whole process can be managed and produced remotely, online, thanks to the unique Voicebooking.com platform and accompanying mobile app.

In just a few clicks, you will find, pick, book, brief and send your finalised script to the voice over actor that is the best match for your project. Once the booking is confirmed the voice talent records from their home studio. By digitising the once laborious and costly process of finding a voice over actor, auditioning, hiring a studio, and a technician and… and… and… we are often able to deliver your completed voice over project is as little as 1 working day! Quicker than many agencies can send you a quote.

After recording, the raw audio will be sent to you directly for approval. If you're on the go you can listen to the audio and send comments or chat with the voice actor directly, or simply give approval with the click of a button via the mobile app.

If you need further assistance, that's no problem of course! We have a fully trained bilingual support staff on hand via chat, email or telephone. They know the whole process inside out. We have our own casting directors too, if you are feeling spoilt for choice and need help finding the one voice who will fit your production.

And that's not all. We want to use our webshop style platform to be a real one-stop-shop for everything voice over related. That's why we also have in-house post production specialists who can take care of your audio engineering and mixing, or source music that captures the tone and mood of your piece to ensure that the video sounds as good as it looks. And if you want your Italian voice over in other languages too, let us know! We have translators on hand that specialise in voice over scripts. They will make your voice over bounce off the page and make sure your message comes across loud and clear.

Our new extended voice actor database has an unprecedented range of voice actors to choose from, well-known voices, impersonators, warm and smooth, hard and edgy. And they’re guaranteed native speakers, whether they’re from Italy or South Africa, the U.K. or the U.S., Poland or Hungary.


Great, this is how you get going.
1. Create your profile on the Voicebooking.com platform.
2. Choose the voice actors that most appeal to form a shortlist.
3. Compare the demos of your shortlisted talents.
4. Select the one that fits and see their fixed price for your job. Add any add-on services and click BOOK!

Our rigorous selection procedure for selecting the voice overs on our site means you don’t just get a voice that sounds nice, but rather a skilled voice over professional, a native speaker, who can work to brief and take direction, before delivering high-quality audio to meet your deadline. If you want a real hands-on experience you can also choose to listen along and even direct personally via our Creative Control functionality.

We know from experience that it takes much more than just a beautiful voice to make a voice over work.


One of the reasons that Voicebooking.com is a market leader, is that we use transparent, fixed prices. For most regular productions the voice actors have a fixed price that you can see straight away: think web videos, voice messages, corporate films, movie trailers, documentaries, YouTube ads...

You get transparency, value for money, speed and quality all in one place.

Add-ons too can be chosen at the touch of a button, and you see what those cost upfront too. In just a few minutes you can see exactly how much your total voice over project will cost you and when it will be delivered, then all you need to do is confirm, and upload your script and brief to our client portal so the voice over actor can get straight to work.

Any hiccups our fully trained support staff are ready and waiting to help steer your project to completion. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with queries in either English or Dutch.


Italians are famed for their passionate discourse, and for accompanying it with emphatic hand gestures. They´re proud of their language and the famous cultural history that underpins it. Italian is the original Romance language, deriving directly from Latin. Across Europe, in many places where the Roman Empire left its mark, it's still possible to find Italian spoken. It's an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican City, a minority language in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, and is still widely spoken in Montenegro, and the former Italian colonial areas of north and east Africa. In Europe it is actually the third most widely spoken language, with over 69 million native speakers - that´s 13% of the European population (!) - and a further 16 million EU citizens speak it as a second language. In the 19th century many Italians headed to America and of the large population with Italian heritage there, nearly 1 million people still speak Italian daily.

If you´re looking for a native Italian voice actor we can help! Book them for any or all of your productions: from movie trailers, to web video and corporate films; E-learning to TV and radio commercials. Our Italian voice actors are experienced professionals and have worked on animated features and audio books too, you name it!

In Russia an Italian voice actor is called a ‘Итальянские дикторы’, in Portugal people talk about a ‘Actor de voz Italiano’ and in Poland it’s referred to as a ‘włoskie lektor’.