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Search in the most efficient voice database. Whichever language you need we can guarantee a native speaker and one day delivery.

Immediate insight into pricing

Know the price in just four clicks. Simple and fair: with our system we’re often able to deliver in the time others generally take to quote.


No fuss briefing

Set up a project and use the tone of voice selector to indicate precisely how the voiceover should sound. Or talk directly with voiceover talent.

More possibilities

Anything and everything to do with voiceovers: translation, scriptwriting, audio design...with transparent pricing and fast delivery.


More than 1500 satisfied clients.

“For Spotify is an important tool to help convince advertisers of our power as an advertising medium. We are particularly pleased with the creativity that is invested in the productions and the speed with which you deliver.”

Margot James - Spotify


"We love the ‘getting things done’ mentality for the people of Excellent voice-overs, reliable, fast delivery, sharp prices and a good sense of humour. Nothing else to wish for...”

Sebastiaan Lindenhof - PitchParrot


“Thanks to the fast delivery we met our deadline with ease. Actually the speed is just a side-note, because James’ voice was spot on: A neutral, convincing voice full of power.” 

Renata Vermeira - KRO


Work the way you want to

Briefing & Recording

The quickest way to work. Design the brief yourself, choose the tone of voice and receive the recording within one working day.

Creative Control

Do you have an exact sound in mind? Connect with the voice online and listen along. Direct from your own desk.

Casting & Studio

You can also opt for one of our premium services. Like putting out a casting call with our Casting Director or booking our studio.


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