Creatively direct your production

Some projects require close quality control over the creative process, for which we offer creative control as a solution. You have the ability to direct your voice over (in real time), and go over takes until you receive the result you want. 

How to start a creative control session

  • Start a project

    Start your first voice over project via our platform, choosing your voice over will be step 1. 

  • Select a voice over

    Find a voice over with traits that match your project best. Browse demos in order to make a well-informed decision.

  • Add creative control as an extra service

    During the briefing process, you may add creative control as an extra.

  • Plan and produce your session

    Discuss when the recording session will take place with your voice over. Easily start your project from your base. 

Frequently asked questions

With Creative Control you start a video chat with your hired voice over on our platform, so you are able to direct and listen along during the recording. Or if required, you can get a direct feed from the mic. Creative Control is already available with a large proportion of our Dutch and English voice over actors.

You can in fact direct a voice over artist remotely. In fact, most voice overs work from their own studios or a locally hired studio near to them. You can direct an entire voice over project without ever having to meet in person, if you wish. Via project pages, you can also select creative control and have more say as to the direction of your project.

A directed recording session is when a voice over is recording from their own studio, whilst being remotely directed by the client in question. Direction in a recording session could be for the sake of achieving the ideal delivery, including advice on how to deliver the tone and pace of the script in question.

Ready to start?

Need to sit in on your next voice over recording session? Perhaps you need an agency to help you figure out what you need for a successful project. Get in touch and talk to the sales team, we can help.