Benefit from remote collaboration

Nowadays you can arrange your voice over production completely remotely. You no longer need to be present in the studio, audio production can be organised entirely online, from your desk. That goes for voice over production, as well as selecting and briefing your chosen voice. 


Top-notch audio production

You can have faith that your project’s in good hands. Our audio engineers have over a decade’s experience, providing top-notch audio production services. Have faith in our remote team, providing you with all the tools you need for a professional voice over production. 


Optionally online or in-house

Though you may prefer to work online, you’re also very welcome to come visit the studio and oversee our process. Our voice over production studio is state-of-the-art, and our engineers are happy to consult with you on what you need for a successful project. 


Any and all audio

You may explore a wide range of remote voice over production services, from jingle creation and sound design services, to voice over mixing and mastering. Whatever the project you’re working on, be it an E-learning course, podcast narration or audiobook production, we’ve got what you need for the finishing touches. 


We deliver quickly

Efficiency and speed is our bread and butter. We can deliver your project in (virtually) no time. The combination of our platform and remote production services will ensure you can hit your deadline!


A simplified project management process

Our producers make sure the job gets done to keep your calendar from filling up. We can match you with voice overs, translators, video editors and audio designers, so you can be guided through the process from start to finish.

Add ons

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Project management

If arranging voice overs and audio services is not your core business, feel free to let Voicebooking take care of it. It is what we do.

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On screen adjustments

Does your production require the video to be adjusted as well? Then we will take care of that too. For example, adjusting titles and pack shots.

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Buy-out handling

Are you using multiple voice overs in different countries? Then buy-out handling can get to be quite the administration. Ask Voicebooking, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Creative control

Want to get in touch with your voice over to discuss or brief? You can do that. Would you like to leave it in the hands of a dedicated producer? You can do that too. Whatever works best for you.

Thousands of creatives and producers have put their trust in us

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“Thanks to the quick delivery we made our deadline with time to spare. Which is actually besides the point, because James’ voice is a perfect match: an accent-neutral voice full of conviction and power.”
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Renata Vermeire
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Great service, fast and easy interface. And we have a fantastic account manager who helped us solve problems despite the last minute script changes. Strongly recommended.
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Len Henriksen
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“Excellent service, quick and easy interface. And we have a fantastic account manager who has helped us fix problems, despite last minute script changes. Strongly recommended.”
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Margot James

Everything on 1 efficient platform

  • 7000 voice overs in 95 languages
  • Pre-selection of the best 25 voice overs per language
  • Voice over castings within 2 hours
  • Voice-over samples
  • Immediate quotes from the voice overs
  • Free re-takes

Arrange your voice over production remotely

Be amazed at our competitive rates, without having to compromise on quality.