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Sorting a German voice over or voice over actor is really simple with Voicebooking. Search, set up a project and in most cases you´ll receive your audio within 1 working day. If you ́re looking for a Swiss German voice over or an Austrian German one, then click on through. Do you have questions? Or a special request? Then get in touch. In addition to the German voice overs listed here, we have many more in our extended database.

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DE 2 days


Worked for Mercedes, Panasonic & Microsoft. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
DE 1 day


Worked for Dove, Wrigley & Hitachi. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
DE 1 day


Worked for HABA, scoyo & Robert-Koch-Institut. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.

CH 2 days

Irene DE

Worked for Heineken, Michelin & Volkswagen. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
US 1 day

Jan DE

Worked for Sony, Volkswagen & Microsoft. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
DE 1 day


Worked for Different Museums, Google & Daimler AG. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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DE 1 day


Worked for BASF, EMC & Mercedes Benz. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
CH 1 day

Stephan DE

Worked for Goodyear, Heineken & Rituals. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
DE 1 day


Worked for Booking.Com, Deloitte & Netflix. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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DE 1 day


Worked for BMW, NOKIA & Morgan Stanley. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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  • Delivery within 1 business day
  • Direct contact with the voice
  • Free retakes based on a tone-of-voice briefing
  • No need for a recording studio

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  • Excellent service. Always respects the deadlines.
    Paolo — Materialise NV


Know what everything costs in just a few clicks. Transparent. Handy too. That's why we can often deliver quicker than others can quote.


Almost all our voice overs work from their own home studio. Want to listen along? Direct? Sure thing. Booking a voice over for a studio session is still possible.


Our sound designers know how to transform plain text into great sound. The Voicebooking.com way: it'll be ready before you know it.


Check! We will help you find the best voice overs. If you are looking for a German voice over Voicebooking is the best voice over agency. Not only do we take care of the recording of professional voices, but we can also take care of the casting and editing, also known as post-production. So you can stay focused on your production.

A voice over search can be quite a job. To make things easier for you, we have already made a varied selection of voices for each language. If you like to search for yourself, you can of course also take a dip in our Extended Database. A world opens up for you, with hundreds of voices per language. Our booking process has been further optimized in recent years. By creating a clear briefing in just a few steps, the German voice over can be recorded quickly.

You can book a voice over in a few steps. Choose a language and listen to different demos. Once you've made your choice, specify what the recording should sound like and deliver the script. The voice over can be recorded for you in a studio, but in most cases they will record in their own professional studio at home. In almost all cases, our German native voices deliver within 1 working day. The time when you normally only hope to receive an offer....

After ordering, you follow the status from wherever you want. You don't have to sit behind your computer, because we will keep you informed by email. You can even have direct contact with our voices via your mobile phone. We have created a chat box for this purpose. You can also switch directly in the evening hours and on weekends, for the best results.

If you would like to consult with us, you can of course do so as well. Our colleagues can help you in Dutch, French and English. You can call and email us during office hours. We will be happy to help you order the voice over that will give your production wings.


If you are looking for a voice, you can of course take a look at our extensive selection. If you don't want to do too much work on it yourself, you can also outsource the casting. We will then introduce you to a number of German voices that match your production. And we have the best translators, so that we can get the right chord in the translation too. By now, our voice database is so large that we work with voice overs from all over the world. America to Africa and the Netherlands to Australia. We have Chinese voice overs, Hungarian voice overs, Russian voice overs and Flemish voice overs.


You can book a German voice over in just a few steps. First, create an account on Voicebooking. Then you can create a selection list with our practical filters. It's time to listen to the demos! If you want to know more about a voice, visit our personal profile. This will tell you how fast they usually deliver and which brands they have worked for. Are you done? Select the voice over and tell us what kind of production you are working for. The costs will then be shown directly on the screen.

Our voice overs meet their deadlines and are perfectly directable. From their home studio they can record quickly and deliver high quality audio.


Whether you're making a documentary, commercial, audio book or e-learning, our voice overs can do it. For fixed prices, you get value for money. You don't have to wait long for high quality voice over recordings. Through our online system you can carry out many steps yourself. This is reflected in the transparent and fair price of our German voice overs. But if you can't figure something out or you want us to think along with you, of course we are there to help you. You can reach us by mail and phone.

Okay, we go further. Choose the type of production you make and the number of words per version, then the calculator will help you calculate the price of your project. In addition to voice over books, we can also help you with other services. Such as removing breaths in the voice over and translating your script into the desired language. If you already have your voice over ready, you can, of course, only order post-production or translation from us. We like it simple, you only order what you need.

You don't have to wait behind your desk while you're recording. We will keep you informed by email. For example, if the audio is ready in your account. You will receive an email if you can download the audio or if the voice needs some more information. Our site is suitable for mobile phones, so you can also check it on the road. And chat directly with the voice over. Give him/her unsubscribed instructions. Or give a piece of script more emphasis. Are there difficult words or names in your script? You can also send a sound guide. This way, the voice over knows how to pronounce it. For example Schiphol or Sjiphol. That can just be a recording from your smartphone.

By the way, have you booked with us before? Then you can also create your project in Project Pages. You can see your jobs there at a glance. Useful for keeping an overview.


Did you know that German is spoken by 180 million people all over the world? This makes it the 10th language in the world rankings. German is officially spoken by 100 million inhabitants as the first language in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Austria. But not all of this happens without a dialect. Examples of German dialects are Hoogalemannisch, Middenbeiers, Zuid-Beiers, Zwabisch. Our native German voice actors, for example, live in Cologne, Dortmund, Bremen and Berlin, Germany's capital and largest city. Our German voice overs have worked for many well-known brands, such as Amazon, AXA, BMW, Leica, Mercedes, Siemens, Vodafone and television station ZDF.