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Worked for CNN Africa, BBC Worldwide services & Virgin Media. Has a voice booth, price on request.

Hire an Afrikaans voice over

Via Voicebooking that’s quick and easy. Perhaps most importantly, because we work with voice over actors who live in the country where the language originated whenever possible, you can be sure that they ́re a native speaker. If you have questions, then get in touch.


Afrikaans voice over needed?

Voicebooking has the best Afrikaans voice overs that can give your clip a better result. So do you feel like your clip is missing something? Don’t hesitate to book a voice actor with us.

What is not lacking in the life of most of our African voice overs is a professional studio of their own. You will never miss a deadline at Voicebooking. Because even during their holidays most of our African voice overs are willing to record. This makes it easy for us to offer very competitive rates. Extremely fast delivery times and high quality audio are therefore closer than you think.

At Voicebooking.com you can book a voice over in 4 simple steps. All you have to do is: 1. Listen
2. Order
3. Brief
4. And send your script to the chosen voice actor

Your audio can be delivered to Voicebooking within 1 working day. This makes you even closer to your desired clip. In this short time you can only get a quote from other companies.

Would you like to hire a voice over?

The most amazing African voices can be found on Voicebooking. Dutch voice overs, English voice overs, American voice overs, Australian voice overs, German voice overs, French voice overs, Russian voice overs, Japanese voice overs, Chinese voice overs, Finnish voice overs, Indian voice overs.can all be found on our website. Of course we have many more votes on offer.

You can easily book a voice over with us in 4 steps:
1. Create an account on Voicebooking.com.
2. Use our handy filters to create a voice over list from our online database.
3. Choose the voice over you like the most, listen to the demos of our voice actors on our site, read about their background, their experience and availability.
4. Select the voice over and the type of production, ask for the fee. And click on book.

Delivering top quality audio is no problem for our African voice overs. Our African voice actors all have their own home studio which they can work from.

At Voicebooking you can easily create and manage your projects. All you need is an account in Project Pages. Project Pages is our platform. It is not only useful for managing your projects but also to send instructions to the voice over in the chat. With Creative Control you can also direct your project yourself.

It is no longer necessary to stare at your device until your audio is ready. You will receive a free message from us when your raw audio is ready to listen to. Thanks to our mobile way of working.

We are able to organise everything well thanks to our handy approach. A transparent and fair price is therefore not hard to find. Still have questions? Our support team is well prepared for all your questions.