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Worked for Discovery Channel, Eurosport & Google. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
PT Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Porsche, Nintendo & Coca Cola. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
PT Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for King, Porsche & Remax. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
PT Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for AXN, UHU & SuperBock. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
PT Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Leroy Merlin, Avanzo & Ivona. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
PT Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Microsoft, Ferrari & Philips. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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Hire a Portuguese voice over

It’s possible via the Voicebooking platform. We have a strict selection process so you can trust that you will always find a native speaker who is pleasant and easy to work with. In addition to Portuguese voice overs and voice over actors on this page, there are more in our extended database. Questions? Feel free to ask.


Portuguese voice actor needed?

Voicebooking is the first voice agency that works as a webshop where you can book a voice over within 4 easy steps. The way we work at Voicebooking.com is unique. All our voices have their own professional recording studio. This allows you to count on extremely fast delivery times and high quality audio.

Another advantage is that we can offer you very competitive rates. All our voices are guaranteed to speak the language of the country of origin, so you can also use our services for your international productions.

Have you found a voice over that makes you happy? Log in or register in Project Pages, the Voicebooking platform. Then select the voice over and the production that goes with it. That way, you can see the cost of your project right away. Finally, click on books, and your voice over arrangement has begun.

Are you looking for a language other than Portuguese? Don’t worry, you can still choose from a whole list of professional voice overs in more than 60 different languages, as well as hundreds of votes in our extended database. These voice actors all have their own home studio and years of industry experience. They have the skills to deliver top quality voice overs.

Project Pages also includes a chat feature. It allows you to send directions directly to the voice actor. If the voice actor needs to pay special attention to specific phrases, you can easily indicate this in the chat. Do you want to listen and direct live? Make sure you use the Creative Control.


The Portuguese language

Portuguese is a Romanic world language spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and other areas. It is also spoken by a minority in Macao, where it is an official language. The Portuguese-speaking countries cooperate in the language field in the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries. Languages spoken in countries around Portugal are Spanish and French.

Portuguese in Brazil differs from Portuguese in the other regions. However, a spelling reform has taken place with all Portuguese-speaking countries, in which it was agreed to spell the same language in all Portuguese-speaking countries. In Portugal, however, there has been a great deal of public opposition to the adapted spelling and it has not yet been widely applied. The variant of Brazil is called Brazilian-Portuguese. The spoken Portuguese of Portugal is difficult for Brazilians to understand.

Our Portuguese voice overs can be heard in many different types of productions, including film trailers, video and corporate films, E-learningTV commercialsradio commercials and voice response messages. As well as in animation films and audio books etc.

In Germany a Portuguese voice over is called a ‘Portugiesisch Sprachaufnahme’, in France a ‘voix off Portugais’ and in Spain a Portuguese voice over is a ‘Locutor Portugués’.