Voice Over Rates

Voicebooking.com is the first voice agency that works as a webshop. We work with fixed rates. In addition, the voice over records from their own studio. This way you can easily arrange a recording with a voice over. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

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Webvideo and corporate film voice over
These are our rates for a webvideo, corporate film, event and how-to video (non active commercial usage). The voice actor records from their own studio, including one round of corrections on briefed tone-of-voice.
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Voice over for E-learning
Why rent an expensive studio when a skilled voice over can do it for less from their own studio? You’ll receive your recording as 1 audio file. Delivery as separate audio files in consultation.
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Rates for voice-response & voicemail
A professional voice on the phone is the business card to your company. We can also help you with writing in the colloquial language. Delivery as 1 audio file, separate files upon request.
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Recording a Radio, Television or Active Internet Commercial
The prices for commercials are different for each region and production. Depending on the amount of versions, the duration of the campaign and medium, we will help you find the right price.

On request

All fees are excluding 25€ handling fee (for all companies outside Belgium and the Netherlands). The rates for a web video and corporate film are per script. For multiple scripts, ask for a package deal.

What's included?

  • Prices based on recording from the voices own home studio
  • Free retakes on the briefed tone-of-voice
  • Direct contact with the voice talent
  • Delivery within one workday, often even faster
  • These rates apply to all our voices, unless stated otherwise
  • Not happy with the recording? We’re there to help


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Editing & Mastering

Our voice overs deliver in one raw file. With this option, your audio will be edited and cleaned up.

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Creative Control

You want to join the recording virtually? With this voice you can dial in and direct the voice over.

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Audio Mixing & Mastering

Give your voice over the finishing touch and make  sure you get optimal quality on every device. The music is no longer just in the background but a part of the soundscape. No longer distracting, instead it´s designed to draw your audience into the story.

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From journalist to Spielberg. Our scriptwriters will translate them from ‘articles’ to awesome scripts.

Frequently asked questions

With Voicebooking.com you can order extremely fast. You select a voice, make a briefing and voila! Within one working day, you will receive your audio.

This way we can work fast and deliver you the audio directly when the voice over uploads the audio.

Mistakes always can happen. If the voice over made a mistake or didn’t follow the briefing, then you always have one correction round. You can leave your feedback in the chatbox of the project. The voice over will pick it up as soon as possible.

You also can leave this in the chatbox! Is the change big? Then please contact Voicebooking.com. Please note, there could be additional costs.

With our briefing tool ProjectPages! It’s fast, really fast. We have fixed rates and delivery terms with hundreds of voice overs worldwide. This way you always know what the costs will be and that they will deliver within one working day.

This differs per country, in England you can pay with a bank transfer or creditcard. Is your payment method not listed? Please contact Voicebooking.com

Of course! Please keep in mind, our voice over are native and live most of the time in the country of the language they are speaking. Ask for the possibilities via the contact form.

You bet! Via Creative Control you can listen in and direct the voice over from a distance. This can be done via SessionLink Pro or Skype for example. Ask for the possibilities!

Find your voice

All around the world, hundreds of top voice overs, ready and waiting to record your text. After 10 seconds you’ll know their price and within a day they’ll record your script.