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Timely and professional

We at Voicebooking prefer to make things simple. As well as sound design engineering, you won’t need to worry about audio production, selecting a voice over, or arranging a studio, if you don’t want to. The possibilities are endless, if you’d like to listen live, in real time, this can also be arranged. We aim to work efficiently and deliver projects within 1 working day. 


Bespoke sound design solutions

In short, we take audio production off your hands. Whether you need sound design engineering for your ad, movie, game or other form of media, we simplify the whole process. Our sound design solutions aren’t limited to sound effects or music. There’s no right or wrong way of going about it, all of which can be arranged under one roof. 


Brief your sound engineers remotely

Our audio team is specialised in remote working, understanding that you shouldn’t need to visit the studio for every little thing. Say you need sound design for your new commercial, this can be arranged entirely remotely, wherever you are in the world. 


We know what you want

Working with audio engineers who’ve decades of combined experience, you can have confidence that we know what you need. Confused as to how you can approach sound design for your project? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out. 


Competitive sound design rates

We understand many projects require audio post processing, and that you may be working with a budget. Transparency is our bread and butter, and we work with fixed rates so you can get a clear picture of how much everything will cost, from audio post processing to our competitive rates for sound design. 


Useful sound design packages

Voicebooking utilises a helpful package system, which you can easily tailor to the needs of your project. Our sound design range starts with the Sound Design ‘Light’ package. Starting at just €199, you will receive professional and subtle sound effects for your web video, including a stock music track and audio mixing/mastering for up to 90 seconds.


Create your ideal sound environment

Need sound effects? Not a problem. Our Amsterdam-based sound designers can realistically re-enact ambient noise, footsteps or background noise. Our rates for this start at €299, including audio mixing and mastering. If you need a stock sound logo, we have a comprehensive library of ready-to-use sounds. If you need a catchy opener for your podcast, including music, scriptwriting and voice over, we offer this too, with rates starting at €499.


Prefer to be at the recording in person?

Want to take the reins and be there in person for the recording or audio mixing? That’s also possible. Just book our via studio directly. Or (you would be surprised how easy it is!) log in online and listen in during the process for even more collaboration and direction. You can book our high-end sound studio from € 150 per hour. You can easily select your preferred option by clicking below.


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Sound design services

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Sound Design

Our sound designers make the very best sound effects to bring your web video to life. Including: stock music track and mixing/mastering. Up to 90 seconds.

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Lifelike ‘Foley’ sound for your video

Didn’t record any set noise? No problem. Our sound designers make ultra realistic environmental sound effects, footsteps, or background conversation. Includes mixing/mastering.

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Sound logo (stock)

Looking for a memorable tune especially for your brand? We have a library of sound logos that you can use straight away!

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Sound logo (custom made)

Looking for a memorable tune especially for your brand? Together we can compose the perfect sound logo from scratch.

Want to know more about sound design?

Looking for an international sound design partner? We’ve got you covered. Should you need more information, feel free to get in touch with our support team, who are happy to assist you.

Frequently asked questions

Sound design is the process of creating sound to enhance the overall atmosphere. This could be anything from background music to atmospheric sound effects. Typically with voice over projects, sound design will involve creation of background music and sound effects to complement the message conveyed.