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  • US  24h

    Chinese voice-over Tony sounds light, corporate and friendly.

  • GB  24h
    This voice sounds natural, light, corporate and friendly.
  • US  24h
    This voice sounds corporate, light and friendly.
  • CN  24h
    This voice sounds natural, trustworthy and friendly.
  • CN  24h
    This voice sounds corporate, trustworthy and friendly.
  • CN  24h
    This voice sounds trustworthy, corporate and friendly.
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  • Audio delivered within 1 day
  • Direct contact with the talent
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  • Free retake on briefed tone-of-voice

Need a hand? Contact us!
+31 (0)20 - 77 47 323
Need a hand? Contact us!
+31 (0)20 - 77 47 323
Need a hand? Contact us!
+31 (0)20 - 77 47 323
  • Professional coordination between the client and the voice artist, responsive, client oriented team of booking agents.
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Audio post production

Our sound designers know how to transform plain text into great sound. The Voicebooking.com way: it'll be ready before you know it.

Chinese voice actor needed?

Voicebooking.com is the first voice agency that works as a web shop where you can book a voice actor for your recording in just a few easy steps. The way we work at Voicebooking.com is unique. All our voice actors have their own recording facilities. Therefore you can count on extremely fast delivery times.

Another advantage is that we can offer you very profitable voice actor rates. All our voice actors are guaranteed native speaking which means you can also use our services for your international productions.

About the Chinese language

The Chinese alphabet is also something that can make your head spin, because there are about 12.000 symbols in the modernday Chinese alphabet.

Often people refer to the Chinese language when in fact they mean Mandarin, which is the official language in China, Taiwan and is also official in Singapore. Chinese on this level is probably the language that is spoken by the most people on the globe, about 1,22 billion to be exact! Not only is it being spoken by a lot of people, it might also be one of the oldest languages that exists. For instance there is proof of Chinese writing that dates back 2500 years ago.

Our Chinese voice actors can be heard in many different types of productions. Including the filmtrailer, Video and corporate movies, E-learning, TV-commercial, radiocommercial and voice response messages. As well as animated features and audiobooks etc.

In Russia a Chinese voice actor is called a ‘Китайские голос поверх’, in Portugal ‘Actor de voz chinesa’ and in Poland ‘Chiński lektor’.


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