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US Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Symantec, Disney & Microsoft. Has a voice booth, price on request.
GB Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Molton Brown, DHL & Swarovski. Has a voice booth, price on request.
US Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Wuzhi Lu, Porsche & BMW. Has a voice booth, price on request.
CN Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Lenovo, Samsung & China Construction Bank. Has a voice booth, price on request.
CN Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Apple, BMW & Dell. Has a voice booth, price on request.
CN Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Intel, Harley-Davidson & McDonald. Has a voice booth, price on request.

Curious how we work?

In one word: fast. Watch our explanatory video to learn more.
CN Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Coca Cola, Amway & State Farm. Has a voice booth, price on request.

Hire a Chinese (Mandarin) voice over

To begin with, there are more than 10 official languages in China. On this page you will find all our Mandarin Chinese speaking voice overs and voice over actors, all of whom are guaranteed native speakers. Are you looking for one of the other languages or a specific accent? Then get in touch. Our Casting Director will be only too glad to help you.


Chinese voice actor needed?

Voicebooking has online the best Chinese voice overs that can make your video more dynamic. And also many unique native voice actors, from different countries. What you’re looking for, we’ve got it. The Chinese voice over speaks your script exactly the way you want it. You can also direct the entire process yourself, so that you no longer have any doubts about your perfect video. Do you recognize the voice of a Chinese voice actor? Then it is possible that that person has acted in a Chinese drama or commercial. A Chinese voice over often has plenty of time to record as a freelancer.

You can also use our services for your online international productions. Almost all our Chinese voice actors own a professional studio. Most of the Chinese voice actors in our database are freelancers. This enables exceptionally fast delivery times and high quality. That is why we can offer very competitive rates.
At Voicebooking you can book a voice over online in 4 simple steps. We work like a webshop. All you have to do is:
1. Listen
2. Order
3. Brief
4. And send your script to the chosen voice actor

At other companies, you can only get an offer within 1 working day. But we can deliver your audio during that time. This way, you will get the desired result even faster.

For questions you can call or email our support department. We have multilingual professionals who can help you. Computer, laptop, tablet or telephone. No matter which device you are working on, you can check the status of your project anywhere and you can also live chat with the voice overs.


Want to hire a voice over?

At Voicebooking you can find Dutch voice overs, English voice overs, American voice overs, Australian voice overs, German voice overs, French voice overs, Russian voice overs, Japanese voice overs, Chinese voice overs, Finnish voice overs, Indian voice overs. Are these languages not what you were looking for? Then click on the language selector.

At Voicebooking you can create an account in 4 easy steps:

Create an account online at Voicebooking.com Use our handy filters to create a voice over list from our online database. Choose the voice over that appeals to you the most, listen to the demos of our voice actors on our site, read about their background, their experience and availability. Select the voice over and the type of production, so you can request a fee immediately. And book.

All our Chinese voice overs have the experience and skills to deliver top quality audio. Some Chinese voice actors have the experience as drama actors. So they are good at recording and listening to your directions. They also always meet their deadlines. Most of our Chinese freelancers have a professional studio that is reachable at all times. So your audio will arrive on time without a doubt.

On Voicebooking you can create an online account in Project Pages. This is our platform where you can easily manage your projects. You can also use project pages to upload your script and use the chat to send instructions to the voice over. Do you prefer to listen and direct live? Then use Creative Control. If the voice actor needs to pay special attention to specific sentences, you can easily indicate this in the chat.


What are the voice over rates?

Our voice overs can record anything you want easily. A documentary? Commercial? E-learning? Or a film trailer? You name it. At Voicebooking you always have the guarantee of professional recordings. You can also request a fee very easily. So you get value for money in a short period of time.

Interested in the price? Go to “voice over rates” at the top of our page and then click on the production for which you want to use a voice actor. Then click on “start here”, next to the price and choose the voice over that best suits your production. Rather do it the other way around? Choose the voice over you like. Then click on “more info”. To the right of our page you can now select the production you are working on. After this you can request a fee immediately. You won’t find an easier process.

At Voicebooking you can book online more than just a voice over. Choose, for example, a translation of your script, editing of your audio or an audio mix. Did you know that audio editing can also be ordered separately? Very handy if you already have a Chinese drama voice over and you want everything to be perfect. When you’re done with your order, you can already request a fee without having to confirm your booking. Because of our ingenious approach, we can easily structure the whole process and ensure a transparent and fair price.

Do you have any questions or can’t find a solution? Our support team is available for you online. Dutch, English, French, German. It doesn’t matter to us.

If you’d like to choose add-ons on top of the voice over price, these too are fixed, transparent and available to see before you confirm your booking. If you have a complicated project, or need a bespoke quote – get in touch with our friendly and efficient support team and they will sort it out for you! Everyone at Voicebooking.com speaks Dutch and English.

Once you have booked your voice over, you can manage and oversee everything from our client portal: ProjectPages. You can communicate directly with the voice over actor about the script and even use our Creative Control functionality to listen along and direct while they are recording.

We are fully mobile optimised: so there’s no waiting around for you. As soon as the recording is complete you will get an app notification and you can listen and approve the audio directly from your smartphone.



When we talk about Chinese we actually mean the standard Mandarin, which is the official language of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and is also an official language in Singapore. Chinese in this form is the language spoken by about 1.22 billion people! Not only is it spoken by many people, it is also probably one of the oldest languages there is. For example, there is evidence of Chinese writing more than 2500 years ago.

The Chinese alphabet is also something to get almost dizzy from because there are about 12,000 characters in the modern Chinese alphabet.

Because some of our Chinese voice overs are also drama actors, you may have seen or heard them in many different types of productions, including movie trailers, video and corporate films, e-learning, TV commercials, radio commercials and voice response messages. As well as in animated films, audio books, etc.

In Germany they call a Chinese voice over a ‘Chinese Sprachaufnahme’, in France they call it a ‘voix off Chinois’ and in Spain they call it a ‘Locutor Chino’.