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Looking for an Arabic voice over?

Any Arabic voice over or voice over actor booked via Voicebooking is guaranteed to be native speaking and have a high level of experience. They have been hand-picked by our staff and, through Voicebooking, work for clients in more than 40 countries, including throughout the Middle East. There are Arabic voice overs in a wide variety of regional accents. If you ́re searching for a specific accent, then feel free to get in touch. We'd be happy to help you further.

Choose your Arabic voice over / voice over actor

  • AE  24h
    This talented voice actor is very versatile and can work in different Arabic accents.
  • TN  24h

    Tough, reliable yet light? No problem, this voice has the sound you are looking for.

  • MA  24h

    This voice-over talent sounds tough, friendly and reliable and is also capable of voicing characters.

  • In a word: fast. Watch the explanatory video.
  • ARE  24h
    This voice sounds reliable, light and trustworthy.
  • MA  24h

    Deep powerful storyteller with a natural enthousiasm.

  • AE  24h
    RS434 is an experienced and diverse Arabic narrator and newsreader. From sensual to corporate.
  • Limited budget? Recording multiple versions? Let's talk!
  • JO  24h
    MDT429 is a relaxing experienced Arabic voice actor with a voice ranging between the ages of 24 to 44 years.
  • EG  24h
    This voice sounds trustworthy and friendly.
  • In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.

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How it works

  • Delivery within 1 business day
  • Direct contact with the voice
  • Free retakes based on a tone-of-voice briefing
  • No need for a recording studio

  • Duidelijke website, duidelijke voorbeelden, snelle levering, perfecte kwaliteit, prettige samenwerking!
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Almost too easy

Know what everything costs in just a few
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Work the way you want to

Almost all our voice overs work from their
own home studio. Want to listen along?
Direct? Sure thing. Booking a voice over
for a studio session is still possible.

Audio post production

Our sound designers know how to transform plain text into great sound. The way: it'll be ready before you know it.

NEED ARABIC VOICE ACTORS? is a global leader in providing tailor-made voice over solutions. That means we ´think global´ and do our utmost to provide a wide variety of languages within our native speaker database of professional voice over actors. However, wherever you are in the world we can guarantee the same fast, hassle-free and high quality service. We are the first voice over agency to work like a webshop. On our unique platform we streamline the whole process of finding and booking a professional voice over artist. At you can simply and quickly source, cast, hire, record and edit professional voice overs. We are on hand to help you with any or all of your project needs and aim to make your experience with both simple and cost-effective.

We understand all the inputs and outputs of audio visual work and know that you are working to strict budgets and tight turnaround times. We exist to make your job easier and your projects sound awesome, literally.

On you will find a hand-picked selection of our top, high-quality, professional voice over actors across international languages from Arabic to Ukrainian, so pretty much A-Z :-) With hundreds more in our Extended Database. No matter what kind of voice over you´re looking for we have someone to fit the job.

Our system at is special, because you can organise and oversee everything online via our one of a kind platform, and because our prices are fixed and transparent. You can often have your voice over booked, recorded and back in your mailbox quicker than most competitors can send you a quote. In just a few quick steps pick, cast and brief your chosen voice over actor. They will then record the raw audio and send it back to you, in most cases within 1 working day. You can even listen along and direct if you like.

All our voice over actors, are taken on because they are skilled professionals with quality audio facilities, nuanced delivery and fast turn around times. With you can be assured that the voice over talent will take your direction and deliver on time. Because, we know from experience that it takes more than a lovely voice alone to make an effective voice over work.

Looking for additional help in post? Then click on any or all of the appropriate add-ons, think: translation, rewriting by a native speaker, editing or audio mixing. Then see your total project price instantly, in advance of confirmation - no hidden costs.

You can also follow the progress of your project wherever you are, via the app. Chat with the voice actor, get notified when your raw audio recording is ready and approve it with the click of a button.

What's more, for any difficulties or additional help we have a fully trained support staff here at HQ. They know the process inside out, they all speak both Dutch and English, and they´re friendly and efficient folks. Use the chat functionality on the site to ask quick questions as they pop up, drop us a line or give us a call, whatever is easier for you.


And there´s more! We also have post production specialists in-house to help with any post production needs. So there really is no reason not to have a video that sounds as good as it looks. If you´re not sure how the casting process works, or exactly what kind of sound best suits your project, we have in-house casting directors to help you narrow down the choice. If you´re looking for a translator, our translators are native speaking and specialists in voice over scripts - turning any wooly written text into natural sounding, engaging, spoken language so that your message bounces off the page.


Get going in 4 simple steps:
1. Create a profile on
2. Create a voice actor list using our nuanced filter.
3. Make a comparison between demos. Read about the voice over actor´s experience, see when they're available and select the voice for your project.
4. Book it! Add any additional services to the voice actor´s work and see the total fixed price for your project, click - and it's booked!


Once booked you can add your project to ProjectPages, our client portal, and then oversee it and manage it all from one place. Upload the final script, chat with the voice over and listen in or direct while the actor is recording your audio - with our directorial tool, Creative Control. It's like being in the studio, even when you're on opposite sides of the world.

Of course, if you're in Amsterdam and would like to go old school, you can book our state of the art studio, complete with the local voice over of your choice and one of our in-house audio engineers to boot!


Our fair, transparent and fixed prices at are the secret behind the speed and efficiency of our work. For all standard models of voice over - from movie trailers and YouTube ads, to web videos and documentaries, we have a standard fixed price. What you see is what you get: transparency, value for money, speed and quality all in one place.

And if you have something that needs extra attention - such as a project that entails multiple voice overs - then we are happy to tailor our standard webshop style services and come back to you with a specific quote. Simply get in touch with our experienced, support team and we will do our best to work to your timetable to find a solution that works best for you.


Arabic is the official language of the 22 member countries of the Arab League, together they cover a huge geographic area between south-west Asia and north-west Africa; a region commonly referred to in English as ´the Arab world´. Within the Arab world, Arabic is the first language of over 200 million people, with many more second language speakers all over the world making it one of the 5 most common languages globally, and one of the 6 official languages at the UN.

Modern Standard Arabic derives from an early classical form, however in total there are 30 different varieties of the language. Arabic is related to Hebrew and shares vocabulary with Persian, Turkish, Bosnian, Greek, Spanish, and even Portuguese. The largest differences within Arabic are notable between the North African dialects outside of Egypt and other varieties. This can make for dialectical differences e.g. Moroccan Arabic is reportedly very hard to understand for Arabic speakers east of Algeria.

At we are proud to have over 100 native Arabic voice over talents in our agency database. They have a wide variety of experience from TV and radio commercials to animated features, audio books, e-learning, voice response messages and movie trailers. Based all around the world, you will find our Arabic voice actors working from high-tech, home studios in Australia, Egypt, the UAE, Morocco and Tunisia, to name but a few places.

In Germany an Arabic voice actor is called an ‘Arabische Sprachaufnahme’, in France ‘voix off Arabe’ and in Spain ‘Locutor Arabe’.