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AE Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Arabic Google maps, Emirates airlines & Mercedes Benz. Has a voice booth, price on request.
AE Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Arabic Google maps, Emirates airlines & Mercedes Benz. Has a voice booth, price on request.
MA Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Maroc Telecom, Medradio & Microsoft Training videos. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
AE Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for McDonalds, Lexus & Nestle. Has a voice booth, price on request.
MA Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Mcdonald's, Toyota & ipone. Has a voice booth, price on request.
AE Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Lavolla, Al Bani & Dubai Union for Trading. Has a voice booth, price on request.

Curious how we work?

In one word: fast. Watch our explanatory video to learn more.
AU Delivers in 48 hours
Worked for Google, Microsoft & Disney. Has a voice booth, price on request.
EG Delivers in 24 hours
Worked for Google, Porsche & Dior. Has a voice booth, price on request.

Hire an Arabic voice over

They have been hand-picked by our staff and, through Voicebooking, work for clients in more than 40 countries, including throughout the Middle East. There are Arabic voice overs in a wide variety of regional accents. If you ŐĀre searching for a specific accent, then feel free to get in touch.¬†We’d be happy to help you further.


Need Arabic voice actors?

Do you feel like your project is still missing something? Does your project need some extras? Did you know that voice actors can help your video to come to the forefront? Voicebooking has the best Arabic voice overs that might give your project a better result.

Almost all of our¬†Arabic¬†voice actors have their own professional¬†studio.¬†At¬†Voicebooking, you’ll never miss a deadline. Because most of our voice overs are even willing to record their voices on their¬†holidays.¬†Because of this high quality audio and extremely fast delivery times are possible. As well as very competitive rates.

The voice actors of Voicebooking all come from different countries. All our voice overs are guaranteed to speak the language of the country of origin. You can find all the accents you are looking for on our website. Are there any difficult words that the voice over has to stick to? Then you can indicate this in the chat. With Creative Control you can listen in live with the voice over and give instructions directly.

At Voicebooking you can book a voice over in 4 simple steps. We have the working method of a webshop. All you have to do is:
1. Listen
2. Order
3. Brief
4. And send your script to the chosen voice actor.

Most of the voices on our site can be delivered within 1 working day. Your result is therefore even faster to see. While at other companies you can only get a quote in this short period of time.

At¬†Voicebooking¬†it doesn’t matter whether you work on your phone, tablet or computer. You can check the status of your project on any device. On our site you can also chat live with the chosen voice over. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate. We have multilingual professionals who are ready to help you.


Would you like to hire a voice over?

At¬†Voicebooking¬†you’ll find the most amazing Arabic voices. Our casting-director is ready to help you find the right voice. We know better than anyone how difficult the choice can be. In our database you can find¬†Dutch voice overs,¬†English voice overs,¬†American voice overs,¬†Australian voice overs,¬†German voice overs,¬†French voice overs,¬†Russian voice overs,¬†Japanese voice overs,¬†Chinese voice overs,¬†Finnish voice overs,¬†Indian voice overs.¬†Of course we have many more voices. Do you have a script that needs to be translated? We have translators who specialize in Arabic scripts.

Want to book a voice over? This can be done in 4 easy steps.
1. Create an account on Voicebooking.com
2. Use our handy filters to create a voice over list from our online database.
3. Choose the voice over that appeals to you the most, listen to the demos of our voice actors on our site, read about their background, their experience and availability
4. Select the voice over and the type of production, so you can request a fee immediately.

Our Arabic voice overs all have their own home studio to work from. Delivering top quality audio is no problem for the voice overs. Our voice actors meet their deadlines and also listen carefully to instructions.

At Voicebooking you can create an account and log in to Project Pages. Project Pages is one of our platforms where you can easily manage all your projects yourself. You can also use project pages to send your instructions to the voice over in the chat. Do you prefer to listen and direct live? Then make easy use of Creative Control.

You will receive a free message from us when your raw audio is ready to listen to. There’s no need to keep staring at your device until your audio is ready. Thanks to our mobile way of working.


What are the voice over rates?

E-learnings, commercials, film trailers, short movies, animations, voicemails. A voice actor can be used for almost everything. Thanks to our special voice overs, there is no project that cannot be recorded. At Voicebooking you always have the guarantee of professional recordings. You can request a fee easily. So you know exactly where you stand in a short period of time.

Curious about the¬†price? Then go to Voicebooking.com to “voice over rates” at the top of our page. Then click on the type of production for which you need a voice-over. Then click next to the price on “start here” and choose the voice actor that best suits your production. You can also do it the other way around. First choose the voice-over you want to work with. Then click on “more info”. To the right of our page you can now select the type of production you are working on. After this you can request the price.

At¬†Voicebooking¬†there is more to book than just a voice over. Choose, for example, a translation of your script, audio mixing or a post-processing of your audio. The audio editing can also be ordered separately. This option is very useful if you already have a voice over but you still have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Are you done with your order? Then you can now request a fee for your purchase.

We can organise everything well thanks to our handy approach. A transparent and fair price is therefore not hard to find. Can’t figure it out? Our¬†support team¬†is well prepared for all your questions.



The Arabic language is often described as Modern Standard Arabic. It has strong links with Hebrew. Arabic has lent many words to other languages from the Islamic world, such as Persian, Turkish, and the Bosnian language. On the other hand, the Arabic language also has many words that come from other languages including Hebrew, Greek and Persian. There are 295 million people who speak Arabic as their mother tongue. Languages spoken in countries surrounding Arabic countries are Spanish and French.

The main difference in the Arabic language is between the non-Egyptian North African dialects and the other dialects. Moroccan Arabic in particular is very difficult to understand for people who speak Arabic in areas east of Algeria. Voicebooking is proud to be able to offer voice overs that speak the Arabic language as their native language.

Our Arabic voice overs have done many different productions such as cartoons and audio books. They have also been used for TV commercials, radio commercials, voice response messages, e-learning and, of course, film trailers.

In Germany an Arab voice over is called ‘Arabic Sprachaufnahme’, in France: ‚Äôvoix off Arabe’ and in Spain: ‚ÄôLocutor Arabe’.