Tips | July 8, 2021

6 marketing tips we can learn from Eddie van Halen

As a communications professional, what can you learn from guitar legend Eddie van Halen? Well… more than you might initially think. You can learn a lot from the way Eddie and his band Van Halen marketed themselves. At Voicebooking, we love surprising cross-references, and we’ve got it all figured out for you. The 6 most … Continued

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News | June 24, 2021

[Breaking news] Direct contact with voice overs

The Voicebooking platform has become even more powerful since last week. Where you could already have direct contact with the voice over during a project, this is now also possible during the search process. Why? I will be happy to explain that to you. Questions about availability or rates generally went like this: you asked … Continued

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Tips, Video | May 27, 2021

The secret behind a successful podcast

Podcasts are HOT. You can find tens of thousands of podcasts on iTunes or Spotify. How come that one becomes a great success and the other does not? In this video Jente shares 7 useful tips to make your podcast a hit. Do you have any questions after watching this video? Or do you want … Continued

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e-book, Whitepaper | May 20, 2021

The ultimate online video trends for 2021 [Ebook]

The video content industry is continuously changing at top speed. Especially now in 2021.  What are the new trends and what is soooo 2020? And what did the COVID-19 pandemic mean for those working in the online video industry? asked more than 20.000 content producers from all over Europe on what they think has … Continued

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