e-learning, Tips | April 15, 2021

E-learnings with impact [Audiobook]

Not long ago I shared our e-book with 20 practical tips for creating effective e-learnings and given the immense success we have made an audiobook version of it.   Just as in the written version you find our collected experiences of the last 10+ years in it. Things like the secret to effective e-learning and how … Continued

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Inspiration, Podcast | March 18, 2021

What inspires Voicebooking: podcasts edition

At Voicebooking we like to stay connected. That’s why we (digitally) come together a few times every week to share our experiences. Professional experiences as well as personal ones. We also share what inspires us. Like who listens to which podcasts. In this blog you’ll find an overview of podcasts we discussed in recent months. … Continued

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Podcast, Tips | March 11, 2021

Should you cut your podcast interview?

Recently I was listening to a podcast interview in which most of the pauses and umms were beautifully cut out. And I wondered: is that good or bad? Should you cut out the noise completely or not? In this video, I go into more detail about this.

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News, Updates | March 4, 2021

Practical new features for you

By popular demand we have added two new features to our platform. They make it even easier for you to find a good voice over for your project. Read all about the new features in this blog. Request availability Do you have a project that requires specific planning for the recording of a voice over? … Continued

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Tips, Video | February 25, 2021

Keeping voice overs low-key

One of the biggest trends in voice-over at the moment is keeping voice overs low-key. By putting as little emphasis as possible on specific words, voice overs manage to emphasize one overarching emotion. How do you ensure that the emotion takes the lead? Keeping it low-key starts with writing the text. In this video I … Continued

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Tips, Video | February 11, 2021

Remote working with voice overs – Our tips!

Working remotely with voice-overs has taken off in recent years. This is because more and more voice-overs have their own studio. But that doesn’t always go smoothly… At Voicebooking we have 10 years of experience in remote recording. And I’ll be honest, the first few years were a bit of a challenge. What works well? … Continued

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