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Hire a Jamaican English voice over

They have all been cast according to the Voicebooking concept: so they’re quick and easy to book and deliver extremely fast. Bear in mind there may be a time difference. Are you looking for a British English voice over, an American English voice over or would you rather someone who speaks Neutral English? Then click on.


Need a Jamaican voice over?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Voicebooking.com is one of the global leaders in voice overs because we have such a wide range of versatile, professional voice over actors. We have Jamaican voice over actors alongside British EnglishFrenchGermanSpanishGreekPolish… the list goes on!

Our unique platform allows us to streamline the whole voice over process from sourcing, quoting, briefing and booking a voice over artist, to the actual recording itself and post production mixing.

Simple, cost-effective and above all fast; that’s the service you can expect from Voicebooking.com.

We understand that media professionals are working with high demand and tight turnaround times. We do our utmost to make your job as quick and easy as possible with user centred tech and a fully trained, multi-lingual support team. Come to Voicebooking.com and you can rest assured that you will get high quality audio for your project as fast as is possible.


How does it work?

In just a few clicks, you will choose and book the ideal voice over actor for your project from our extensive database of professionals. Once you have chosen your voice over artist (and seen the total cost of the project up front!), you can confirm them, upload your notes and the finalised version of the script.

As soon as that’s done the voice actor gets to work from their high-tech, home studio. By digitising the once laborious and costly process of finding a voice over actor we are often able to deliver your completed voice over project is as little as 1 working day! Quicker than many agencies can send you a quote. And, you can manage everything remotely, online, thanks to the unique Voicebooking.com platform and accompanying mobile app.



After recording, the raw audio will be sent to you directly for approval. If you’re on the go you can listen and send comments or chat with the voice actor directly. Simply give approval with the click of a button via the mobile app.

But that’s not all! Though we have refined our webshop style platform over the last years to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible, we also have a human support team on hand to help you with special requests or additional assistance. Having trouble casting? Contact our in-house casting director. Looking to translate your script into multiple languages? We have translators who specialise in voice over scripts. Need post production mixing, our Chief of Sound and his team will take all of that off your hands, they can even help you source the perfect music if need be.

Our new extended voice actor database has an unprecedented range of voice over actors to choose from: well-known voices, impersonators, warm and smooth, hard and edgy. And they’re guaranteed native speakers, whether they’re from Jamaica or Russia, the U.S., Australia or Scotland.


Voice overs this way…

Heard enough? Great, let’s get going!
1. Create your profile on the Voicebooking.com platform.
2. Use our refined filtering tool to choose the voice actors that best suit your project and form a shortlist.
3. Compare the demos of your shortlisted talents.
4. If you’ve honed in on one, see their fixed price for your job straight away. Add any extra services and click



We know from experience that it takes much more than just a beautiful voice to make a voice over work. You can rely on our voice over actors to not just sound great but be skilled technicians, and consummate professionals who will always deliver your high-quality raw audio to deadline.

If you are after a more hands-on experience you can choose to listen along and even direct personally via our Creative Control functionality. For those based in Amsterdam, and looking for the old-school recording experience, you can even come into the studio with the voice actor and one of our trained audio engineers.


Show me the price

Voice overs are used in a wide range of regular video productions, think web videos, voice messages, corporate films, movie trailers, documentaries, and YouTube ads. For all these and more we keep to fixed, transparent prices. As soon as you have found a voice, choose your production type and see how much they charge for it. Moving on, you can also add extra services like translation or audio mixing at the click of a button too and before you book see a full quote for your entire voice over project.

At Voicebooking.com you get choice, transparency, value for money, speed and quality all in one place.

Any questions or special requests? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team with queries in either English, Dutch or French.


About the Jamaican language

Jamaican, or Jamaican Patois, is an English-based creole language with West African influences. It’s spoken primarily on the Caribbean island of Jamaica but commonly throughout the widespread Jamaican diaspora as well. In total there are roughly 3.2 million people who speak the language globally, including the 2.9 million inhabitants of the island for the majority of whom it is their first language.

Jamaica has a rich history: a strong native culture, first invaded by Columbus and the Spanish and later taken over again as a colony of the British empire. Colonial powers brought slaves over from west Africa to work their large sugar plantations – a valuable cash crop in the 19th century – and after abolition indentured Chinese and Indian labor was widely used for the work. The influences of all these nationalities can be found reflected in Jamaican Patois today. Jamaica gained independence from Britain in 1962.

Our Jamaican voice over actors have worked on many different kinds of productions, including: TV and radio commercials, animated features, audiobooks, voice response messagese-learning, and movie trailers.

In Germany a Jamaican voice actor is called a ‘Jamaikanisch Sprachaufnahme’, in France ‘voix off Jamaïquain’ and in Spain ‘Locutor Jamaicano’.