Quick, easy and transparent

Voicebooking is the fastest growing voice over platform in Europe. A unique webshop concept that’s quick, easy and transparent with its clients. We are always building our relationship with our voices and prioritize total honesty. To us it’s the only way for a truly tight knit collaboration. We take care of the marketing, the projects and the platform, you focus on doing what you’re good at: delivering a quality voice-over in a timely manner.


We’re looking for the best in voice overs

Those with a home studio capable of delivering their voice over within one day. Professionals, who believe in teamwork. Because Voicebooking is a platform where making a project has never been easier for our clients. Where you, as our voice actor, deliver your voice over within a set timeframe and finish up with our clients online. That’s why you must believe in our teamwork and have faith in our vision. For these reasons we’re mainly looking for enterprising voice-overs with an understanding of working online.


A part-time pro?

If you don’t do this work daily, but you’re still a professional voice-over, it’s likely that you’ll be placed in our Extended database. This way, our clients can book you if they’re looking for a very specific voice. Most of our database consists of actors, people from the radior television world who does voice-acting on the side. It’s possible to work your way up from the extended to our preselected database.


Want to become a voice-over?

Are you new to the business or do you need more experience? We’d love to help you out as a beginning voice. We can help with recording a demo, offer training, or we can coach you. Click here if you’d like to make a demo. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a voice actor, you can read one of our inspiring blogs on the subject.

Frequently asked questions for voice over actors

No, that’s a plus but not a requirement. If you do have a home studio, it is important that the quality is good. Recording from the kitchen is not considered having a home studio.

All the material we have are the property of our clients and therefore we cannot share them.

At Voicebooking, our clients either find their own voice or our Support Team helps them do so. If one of our clients is interested in your voice, we will contact you. You can’t search for projects yourself.

Voicebooking is a platform that reviews all its voices before they go online. Therefore it may take some time before we have time to review your audition. You will always receive a reply, it can just take a while sometimes. Until then, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

We work with 2 databases. All our pre-selected voices can be listened to right away on the site. For the extended database clients have to log in.

To audition with us for a voice over role, all you have to do is send through a sample of your voice, and let our casting director do the rest. If you’re successful, you will hear from us, we’ll get a few more details from you, and get you listed on our wider database.

If one of our clients is interested in your voice, we will contact you. We will then ask you for your fee and availability. On top of your fee comes our margin and that is the price we communicate to the client.

Besides recording 3 small scripts for your audition, we need the following from you:

  • Name and address details
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Hardware, software and mic specs if you have a home studio
  • And of course, without a demo there’s no point in signing up.

You can contact our Finance department at [email protected]

From now on you can let us know if you are unavailable through this form: You can indicate exactly from when to when you are not available and whether you are taking a travel kit for emergencies. Please indicate in the comments for which jobs we can call you. You can sign out starting the next day. If you are not available the same day, please contact the Support Team at [email protected]

You can do this yourself in your profile. Log in and then in the top right corner choose Manage Profile. There are 2 demos visible for our customers, a corporate and a commercial demo. The other demos we use for specific castings, therefore only Voicebooking can remove your demos. The more different demos you have, the better we can cast you too.

We get a lot of emails every day with questions, we do our best to answer them as quickly as possible but it may take a while. So be patient and don’t send new mails repeatedly. If your question is about an audition / new registration, please wait calmly for our answer. We process hundreds of auditions per month, so it may take some time.

For project related inquiries contact [email protected]
For profile related questions contact [email protected]
For payment related questions contact [email protected]

Audition as a voice actor / voice over

If you’re already working as a voice actor or voice over, register now at Voicebooking. Registering isn’t a guarantee of admission, however good you may be. And uh, don’t call us, we’ll call you.