Looking for a Flemish voice over?

All these Flemish voice overs and voice over actors work from their own home studio and they can usually deliver within 1 working day. Just: choose, click, set up your project, and get to work quickly. In addition to these voice overs, we have many more in our database. Questions? Drop us an email.

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BE 1 day


Worked for Toyota, Côte d'Or & Qatar Airlines. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day

Mark BE

Worked for ÉÉN, VTM & VRT. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day

Geert 1

Worked for Carglass, Volvo & CCV. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.

BE 1 day

Geert 2

Worked for Iglo, KBC Bank & Verzekering & Volvo. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day

Kenneth BE

Worked for Disney, Q-music / Joe radio / DPG Media & Plantyn. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day


Worked for CANVAS, TELENET & Tesla. Has a voice booth, price on request.

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BE 1 day

Thomas BE

Worked for VTM, Volkswagen & Deutsche bank. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day


Worked for MTV, Radio 2 - MNM (VRT) & VIER (SBS Belgium). Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.
BE 1 day

David BE

Worked for Coca Cola, Samsonite & Microsoft. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

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BE 1 day


Worked for LIDL, BNP & HEMA. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

How it works

  • Delivery within 1 business day
  • Direct contact with the voice
  • Free retakes based on a tone-of-voice briefing
  • No need for a recording studio

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  • Really quick and simple service with excellent results, certainly the most efficient I've ever used! Such a helpful, friendly team! Many thanks :-)
    Anna — Altissia


Know what everything costs in just a few clicks. Transparent. Handy too. That's why we can often deliver quicker than others can quote.


Almost all our voice overs work from their own home studio. Want to listen along? Direct? Sure thing. Booking a voice over for a studio session is still possible.


Our sound designers know how to transform plain text into great sound. The Voicebooking.com way: it'll be ready before you know it.


When looking for a Flemish voice over, Voicebooking is the agency for you. We don't just help you find and book voice overs. But we can also arrange the casting and editing of all professional voice overs on request.

Where to start when you're looking for a voice over? Of course you can view our entire database. We understand if you don't have the time. That's why we've made a diverse selection of international voices for you. Ordering a voice-over doesn't have to be complicated at all. Follow the steps we've worked out for you and we'll do the rest. Listen to the demos and then choose the voice over that best suits your project. Then choose a tone of voice, add your script and give a final instruction.

Over the years we have further developed our booking system. This allows us to send you recordings at the speed of sound. Because our Flemish voice overs deliver so quickly, your project stays completely on schedule. By the way, did you know that the voice overs can record in many places? It can be done in any sound studio. But it is actually most common for our voices to record from their own professional home studio.

Recording voice overs from home? Yes, really. As a result, 99% of our Flemish voice overs can deliver high quality audio within one working day. That's when most voice over agencies stations normally only send out a quotation.

We can help you step by step to record a voice over that suits you. But you don't have to order all by yourself. Our multilingual booking agents are there for you. They can help you in Dutch, French, German or English.

If you don't have a computer nearby, you can also keep track of your project on your mobile. And in the evening and at the weekend, you'll be in direct contact with the voice over via the dedicated chat box.

Do you already have a text for your video, but would you like to test it for timing, for example, just to be sure? You can, with our free voice over generator. Copy and paste your script, select one of the different voices and put the voice over under your video to try it out.


Of course, the fact that you can easily and quickly book a voice over with us doesn't mean you have to figure it all out for yourself. If you don't have the time or the desire, we'll take care of the casting for you. We will then propose a number of voices that we think will fit in well with your project. Worldwide, we work with the best native voices. From Flanders to Italy, from Africa to America. We have Dutch voice overs, Arabic voice overs, Greek voice overs, German and American voice overs. Almost too many to mention. You can also choose whether your voice over is a man or a woman. If you want to locate your script, we'll arrange the translation for you. While keeping the message, of course.

Isn't Flemish the language you're looking for? Don't worry, you can still choose from a whole list of professional voice overs in more than 60 different languages. These people all have their own home studio and years of experience in their industry. They have the necessary skills to deliver top quality voice overs.


Are you working on a documentary or a commercial? Are you looking for a voice over for e-learning, or are you making an explainer video? Our voice overs leave it all in, for a fixed fee. You get high quality and long waiting for recordings is a thing of the past. Because you can carry out many steps yourself, we can offer you native voice-overs for a fair and transparent price. If you can't find a solution, our team is always there to help you. Just call or email us. You can do this in English, Dutch and French.

But what does a voice over cost? You can use our calculator to see the right price. Fill in the number of words of your script and what kind of production you make. By the way, did you know that we do more than just voice overs? We can arrange your audio editing and also translate the script for you. If you want to broadcast a project on multiple media, we can make it suitable for radio and TV. You can also order all this from us separately, without voice over.

If you've worked with us before, you can log into Project Pages and create your project there. Your assignments are directly visible there. And you can chat directly with the voice over, which keeps the speed down. For example, give instructions to give extra attention to a part of your script. You can also enclose a sound guide. Do words have to be spoken in English or Dutch?


In a few steps you can book a Flemish voice over with us. First, create an account on Project Pages, the Voicebooking platform. Then you can filter voice overs and create a list from our database. Turn up the volume and listen to business and commercial demos. You can view each voice's own profile, so you can see which brands they've worked for and what their delivery time is. When you're ready, choose the voice over and the type of production you're making. This way you can see the prices.

The native voices we work with are professional and easy to direct, and stick to agreements made, such as the agreed deadline and tone of voice. As soon as your project is ready to download, you will receive an email. Piece of cake, right?


The Flemish language is sometimes called Belgian Dutch. This is the language most commonly spoken in the northern part of Belgium. The differences between Dutch as they know it in the Netherlands and Flemish are large enough for Flemish and Dutch television stations to work with subtitles during programmes. Languages spoken in countries around Belgium are Dutch, English, French and German.

There are four clear dialects in the Flemish language, which are known in Brabant in the southern part of the Netherlands, East Flemish, West Flemish, and a dialect that is known in the province of Limburg. At Voicebooking we have voice overs that can be recorded in dialect, but which are just as easy to record types.

Our Flemish voice overs have worked for the biggest brands, such as VRT, Easyjet, Audi, MTV, Microsoft and C&A. You can tell by everything, except the price. Are you working on an audio book, commercial, film, podcast or making a web video? We are happy to help you.