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  • Free processing from our AudioBot!
    Pure magic. You upload a raw voice over and get it back processed and levelled.
    VANAF   €0.00
  • Voice-Over editing & mastering
    Our audio engineers remove clicks, lip smacking and ticks and make sure that the voice over sounds clear and easy to understand on any device.
    VANAF   €75.00
  • Webvideo mixen & masteren
    The perfect balance and a warm, full, clear sound. Our audio technicians make sure that your web video sounds as good as it looks.
    VANAF   €119.00
  • Radio/TV spot mixen & masteren
    Let us mix your radio commercial for the perfect sound. And, of course, the right technical specifications!
    VANAF   €179.00
  • Uploading a radio spot for broadcasting
    From Radio 538 to Sky Radio, from Radio 1 to BNR News radio. We can deliver your radio commercial to every radio station in The Netherlands.
    VANAF   €79.00
  • Podcast mixing & mastering
    Give your podcast the finishing touch. The voices sound full, warm and are easy to understand. Any music or jingles are kept in perfect balance.
    VANAF   €150.00
  • Audio Repair
    Distorted sound? Static in the recording? A ́hollow sound ́ ? Our audio post production experts will repair it for you!
    VANAF   €79.00
  • TV programme / documentary mixing
    The perfect balance and a full, clear sound. Our audio technicians make sure that your TV programme (of up to 45 minutes) sounds as good as it looks.
    VANAF   €450.00
  • 100 E-Learning prompts editing & mastering
    Let us take care of the editing and mastering of your e-learning voice over. Delivered in separate files, in every format and with every possible name.
    VANAF   €150.00
  • 5.1 Surround Sound mixing
    The perfect balance and a warm, full, clear sound for your cinema commercial, in 5.1 Surround Sound.
    VANAF   €199.00
  • 360 audio mixing & mastering
    Sound all around you! The perfect balance and a warm, full and clear sound for your 360 video.
    VANAF   €249.00
  • Podcast Creatie van A tot Z
    Concept creatie, script writing, opname en mixage, regie, audio vormgeving en uploaden: Wij helpen je bij het hele traject om een ultra professionele Podcast neer te zetten!
    VANAF   €1,299.00

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