Let us help you find your voice

Do you need a British voice talent with a deep voice? A Spanish voice over? Maybe a beatboxing parrot (no, seriously)? Our casting director can help. We make the process of casting a voice over a piece of cake. Let us know your requirements. 


Not just any voices

No matter the type of voice actor that’s needed, you’ve got hundreds to choose from. The vast collection of voice overs is made up of a wide variety of talent, also including newsreaders, DJs and Dutch celebrities! Finding a unique voice you need that matches the product and ideal audience you’re targeting can be tough. Our voice over casting calls are intended not just to find a voice, but to find your voice.


Quick & easy, entirely online

We pride ourselves on our online voice over casting process, with 100s of voiceovers located locally and abroad. Unlike other agencies, we can sort out our voice over casting process entirely remotely, just give us what you need and our casting director will get to work. Our casting process is driven by our principles to work quickly and efficiently. 

  • Hundreds of voices on our roster
  • Recording available on location or in-studio
  • In-house senior casting director
  • Famous Dutch voices available

No request is too much

Voice casting doesn’t need to be limited to the type of human voice you pick. We were once asked to provide a beat-boxing parrot. The voice who got the job now listed as “endangered species”, any questions?


You can find over 5,000 voices in our extended database, these include various international voice talents in a selection of languages, all available remotely. We source voice overs by constantly casting new voices, whether local or abroad. Just describe which type of voice you desire and our casting director will find your voice.