Experienced voice actors for hire

Need to hire a voice actor for your next project? Browse through a range of professional voice talents with experience in all sorts of projects, some of which include: animations, adverts, audiobooks and e-learning projects – to name a few. Maybe you want a voice over that sounds like a beat-boxing parrot? Browse the selection and find a voice that suits what you need.


A range of languages to choose from

You can find voice overs in a wide selection of languages, to target different audiences. Our platform works like a web-shop, and the voices work with fixed rates. You can hire a voice talent, brief them and receive your audio completely remotely, while they record from their home studio. Quick and hassle-free!


Sort it all online

Arrange a professional voice over project completely online with our dedicated platform. With over 6,000 voices on our database, we understand it’s important for brands to find a unique voice that matches their product and target market. Need help finding a voice over artist to hire? Ask about how we can help with the voiceover casting process.


Check out our voice generator

Do you have a project that doesn’t require a human voice, such as a social media video that needs a voice over? Maybe you want to test your script out prior to briefing your voice talent. Check out our interactive AI voice generator you can use to test your script out, edit where needed, and facilitate less complex projects.

Benefits of working with Voicebooking

  • Speed - This is our forte, as the first webshop to offer voice booking services. Known to deliver “voice overs and sound design at the speed of light”.
  • Convenience - Project pages allows for all to be done within one area. Plan, contact your voice over and us all under one roof, each a few clicks away.
  • Native speaker guarantee - Working internationally, it’s imperative you portray the image you need to appeal to your audience. We understand that authenticity is key, and work with mostly native speakers for that very reason.
  • Transparency - Working smart means upholding reliability and transparency, and getting what you expect to receive. We break down our rates and extras, as well as the timeline to expect delivery of your audio.
  • Quality guarantee - Delivering consistent quality is our bread and butter. With our extensive selection process, you can put trust in us that they’ll ‘get it right”, in the words of our clients.
  • Flexible and reliable - Projects can have shifts in deadlines, and we can adapt to your timings if need be. Benefit from our flexibility and solution-driven approach.
  • Certified audio experts - Expert audio production team can guarantee convenience, in both quality and turnaround time. Our sound technicians are all passionate in their roles and do the most to take your project to the next level.
  • Audio processing services - Besides our roster of talented voice overs, we also offer audio processing so your audio is ready for use on all devices. That as well as sound design, helping create the atmosphere you want to convey to your audience.
  • Creative approach - As we work with creative clientele, it goes without saying that we’re a key piece to their overall creative process. With our efficient production process, we prioritise quality, as well as maintaining the factors of creativity and originality.

See for yourself

Check out our hand selected, talented voice over artists with Voicebooking. Sort everything out from casting, organising your initial script, to recording, mixing and mastering, all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Hiring a voiceover can cost anything from €250 to over €450 depending on the project, whether it’s for a corporate film, a documentary, or even a voicemail recording. We work with flat rates, and you can guarantee a quality voice over will be selected for your project. The overall cost may be more if you select any of our extras also.

1. Create a profile with Voicebooking.

2. Browse voice actors from our online database of voice actors using our platform, filtering as you wish.

3. Compare the voice actors of your choice by listening to their online demos and reading about their training, references and availability.

4. To see and book the fixed price for your assignment, choose your voice actor and the type of project.

After scheduling your voiceover, you can start working on your project in ProjectPages. You can manage and guide your voice-over project from here. Upload your script and use the chat function to give the voice actor notes or pronounciation corrections. You can also use Creative Control to direct the voice actor by listening in.