Quick and efficient delivery

Do you have a tight deadline you need to reach? Don’t want to compromise on quality but also deliver promptly? We simplify the process from the initial script writing, to the production of your radio ad’s audio. 


Effective radio ad copy

Benefit from decades of script writing expertise for fool-proof radio ad copy. Alternatively, you can send your written radio ad script to us and we’ll make it so it’s fit for distribution.


Tailored radio commercial scripts

Not all radio ads are created alike, this will depend on your requirements, and the type of ad you’re looking for. Whether you need a 15, 30 or 60 second radio ad script, fill us in and we can take care of all the in-betweens. 


Do it all remotely

Gone are the days when you need to be present for the recording process. Creating a radio ad online is now completely possible. From the casting of your radio voice over, to the recording, mixing and mastering. It’s all possible with our efficient process. 


Fixed rates for production

We work with fixed rates for our audio production services, whether it’s a commercial for radio, TV or for online use. The same can be said for our pre-selected voice over rates, they’ll also deliver your audio within 1 working day. 


Discount on multiple booked projects

As well as operating with fixed rates, we also offer a discount if you book us for multiple projects. Let us know what your requirements are, then our booking agents can negotiate a good deal for you. 


The proof is in the briefing

For production of a good radio commercial, the first step is to ensure you have a great briefing. To come up with the perfect script, you need to first ensure the overall tone, atmosphere and overall mood is ticking the right boxes. We specialise in script writing and review, and recommend running your script by us prior to recording. 

Tips for a great radio ad

  • Perfect the starting point - The starting point is essential to initially convey the message that you wish to communicate. We recommend leaving time for reviewing, to allow ample opportunity to adapt your script.
  • Stick to the main point - You’ve only got one ad, so don’t try to communicate too many things at once. Keep it simple, and to the point. If you wish to communicate more than one message, create more and alternate the commercials.
  • Tailor your message to your audience - Focus on your target group by speaking their language from the very beginning of your radio ad. Know their habits, what makes them tick, and their core needs, then base your message on that.
  • Name your brand twice (at least) - Research shows that to be memorable, you should mention your brand’s name at least twice during your ad, at the beginning and end. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to bother your audience.
  • 8 times for exposure - For your radio ad to have the right effect on people, media experts recommend your listeners hear your message at least 8 times. Frequency and repetition is key for a successful radio campaign.
  • The final touches - Ensure you use music and sound effects to help better convey your message. Be creative and form the atmosphere you deem most important to captivate your target audience and elevate the listening experience.
  • Timing is key - Whether it’s a short or long commercial, be wary not to oversaturate the audio with too much speech. This also applies to the voiceover speaking rate, make sure it’s not too fast or the message might not come across well.
  • Read it aloud - Test the script out loud and be sure to pause where required, making adjustments in pace, etc, where necessary if the advert is running too long. Give yourself room for pauses, taking a less is more approach.
  • Choose an appropriate voice - Ensuring your chosen voice fits with your target audience is imperative to a successful project. Your chosen voice should be able to tell your story powerfully and be convincing in the process. Find your voice with us.

Thousands of creatives and producers rely on us

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“For Spotify is an important tool to help convince advertisers of our power as an advertising medium. We are particularly pleased with the creativity that is invested in the productions and the speed with which you deliver.”
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Margot James
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“Great service, efficient and simple interface. We have a fantastic account manager who has helped us problem-solve, despite the last-minute script changes. Highly recommend.”
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Len Henriksen
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“Thanks to the fast delivery we met our deadline with ease. Actually the speed is just a side-note, because James’ voice was spot on: A neutral, convincing voice full of power.”
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Renata Vermeire

Our studio services

Voicebooking can also help you with casting, localisation management, podcasting and other studio services such as white labelling. That’s why we’re well on our way to becoming the largest voice over agency in the world, with our straightforward booking system, it’s easier to book the right voice over for any kind of production within 24 hours or less – at competitive rates.


Book, record, done

A great voice over, delivered quickly and at a competitive rate – that’s our promise to you. That’s the reason why Voicebooking works so well with the thousands of producers in The Netherlands and beyond. You can book a voice over online and our team can help you at any point in the process. That’s why we’ve moved our expertise online and why we’re capable of building on our existing process to make it as simple as possible for our clients. You don’t even have to leave your office.


Ready while you wait

Want your video to be in 20 languages, or want to have your script tested for length and tone of voice, free of charge? At Voicebooking, your production can be finished without you even having to interrupt your meeting. That’s what we call full-service audio! Discover the benefits of how we work, because one voice over agency is not like the other.

Ask about radio commercial production

Create a radio ad quickly, easily and affordably with our handy platform. We facilitate the full process and guarantee full satisfaction. To find out more about what we have to offer you, or more about our services, be sure to get in touch. Find your voice today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A radio voice over is a voice over specialised in engaging the audience using voice alone, typically a more heavy sound than your typical voice over. A radio voice over will typically convey a more heavy sound as they tend to sit closer to the microphone. Radio voice overs are key for ads that involve no visuals and are trying to convert users through sound alone.

For a radio ad script, it’s important to grab a user’s attention by relaxing and relating with the listener (no one likes their music being interrupted). In a radio ad it’s especially important to show the true USPs of your product or service and how you can help solve the problem in place, which is typically within 12 to 40 seconds. Think: AIDA (Awareness, interest, desire, action).

Considering there’s an array of potential customers available via radio, it’s key that you have a professional radio script. Every radio ad should have a well written script, designed for user engagement, as you don’t have the visual factor at play here, a well written script is key for ensuring you convert your target audience in the short time you have.