Podcast Recording & Production Rates

Want to know the costs of making a podcast with us? With find your voice podcasting you can create your podcast based on our handy modules. Have you already recorded a podcast and just need audio production services? That’s also possible. Need more information? Get in touch


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Podcast recording in our studio or with your podcast suitcase.

- Bespoke intro and closing jingle
- Includes ready-for-broadcast editing
- Includes presentation template
Per podcast


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Includes everything within the basic package.

- Editorial guidance
- 3 jingles with professional voice
- Scripted intro and outro
- Questions prepared prior to recording
Per podcast


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Includes everything within the plus package.

- Format set up
- Inclusive presenter/co-host
Per podcast


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Custom made
Completely bespoke podcast, from jingles, tryouts and host.

Available on request

Questions about the different packages? Contact us for a specific offer.


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Podcast studio

Looking for a professional place to record your podcast? Book our recording studio in Amsterdam now. 


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On-the-go podcast suitcase

Out and about or at the office? With our handy podcast suitcase you can record your podcast with just a push of a button, where and when you want it. 


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Editing & mastering

We’ll correct any mistakes, cut out any unwanted sounds from your podcast audio and mix it so it sounds perfect throughout. 


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Video production

Level up your podcast with a video to accompany it. We’ll arrange the recording for you and upload it on YouTube for you on your behalf. 


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We have in-house presenters available on-hand, or you can alternatively partner up with another well known or specialist presenter. 

On request

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No need to worry about editing. Hire one with us who already knows the do’s and don’t’s to producing a quality podcast.


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During the interview you’ll be guided from the studio by our experienced audio editors. He/she will support you by whispering questions and prompts. 


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Presentation coaching

Get coached by an experienced radio presentation coach or journalist. Typical session lasts 2 hours. 


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Need your podcast on the right platforms? We can help you do just that, so you won’t have to worry about being listed on Spotify and iTunes!


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Custom jingles

Need your own custom jingle or a set of them? We tailor jingles to suit your podcast. 


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3 Social media posts

Want to complete your podcast? We’ll provide you with well thought-out social media posts so your podcast gets the attention it deserves. 


Frequently asked questions

As we work with fixed rates and packages, we can help you start relatively quickly. We can help you get off on the right foot within a week, but it’s up to you how high the bar should be set. Consider the prep involved (presentation team, jingles, try-outs) and the degree of editorial content. For the podcasts that require more attention to detail in production, expect a time of around 4 to 6 weeks. 

Of course! We have various clients that record the podcasts themselves. Editing can take a lot of time (especially if you’re not an experienced sound engineer), we can help you with that in no time, helping you produce an audio file you’re proud of. A common example of where you’d need this can be for podcasts where hosts record from different locations, to balance out the different sound levels our engineers can take care of the tedious details. 

Podcasting is still pretty niche in comparison to other means of media. It really depends on the niche, if you’ve over 1000 listeners per episode, you can consider yourself within the upper echelons of Apple Podcast, for instance. Depending on your topics there could be more competition in one niche than in another, just make sure you’re as relevant to your target audience as possible, and better than your competitors. 

As many people listen to podcasts on the go, it’s recommended that you limit yours to the ideal length of 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t take our word for it though, some of the most popular podcasts can be slightly or much longer, just think of Joe Rogan, with some of his episodes lasting longer than 3 hours. The difference lies within the quality of your presenter and interviewee in this case. 

Sound quality is one of the most important aspects to a successful podcast, it can make the difference between regularly returning listeners and people tuning in for a one-off view. We recommend recording in a quiet room, with minimal reflective elements such as glass and shiny surfaces that can reflect sound. Equipment-wise, you can hire our podcast case, which you can start recording with merely a touch of a button. 

A good podcast is not just about having a good microphone and camera set up. Audio production is important for podcasts because they help to add that extra touch of professionalism required to grow a wider, loyal audience.

Looking to get started?

Find your voice podcasting helps you get the best out of your podcast production by sharing knowledge and working with handy packages. Benefit from collaborating with the best and largest voice over platform in the Netherlands, Voicebooking.