Fixed Audio Editing Rates is the first voice agency that works as a webshop. We work with fixed rates, which also applies to our audio production services. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

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Voice Over Editing & Mastering Rates
Our audio engineers remove sighs, clicks, and other unwanted sounds and ensure that the voice over sounds understandable and clear on any device.
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Web Video Audio Editing Rates
The perfect balance and a warm, full and clear sound. Our audio post-production staff make sure your web video sounds as good as it looks. (edited to add “audio” before post-production).
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Commercial Audio Rates
The perfect balance and a warm, full and bright sound. Our post-production staff will make sure that your TV, RADIO or WEB commercial sounds as good as it looks.
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Sound Design Rates
Our sound designers create the best sound effects to bring your film, animation or commercial to life. Including stock music track and mixing/mastering.
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Podcast Audio Editing Rates
Give your podcast the finishing touch. The voices sound full, warm and easy to understand. Any music or jingles are perfectly balanced.
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Voicemail Recording & eLearning Narration Rates
We edit and master your e-learning or IVR (voicemail) so that it sounds good on all devices. We also cut everything to the right length with the right name. We deliver this in any desired format.
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Custom Music Creation
The perfect synergy between image and sound. We create a custom music track for your video.
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Custom request
Does your question differ from the sound packages? Then select this option. After receiving the briefing we will contact you as soon as possible.

On request

What's included in our audio editing rates?

  • Delivery within one working day, often even faster
  • Free feedback rounds
  • Quick and easy briefing
  • Clear and competitive prices
  • Receive the final mix and separate audio stems that are easily adjustable afterwards
  • Consistent high quality due to high end gear, sounds and working methods

Need to knows about our audio editing services’ rates

Yes, you can give us a call to discuss the project directly with one of our audio specialists.

Yes, next to the full mix we will send you the separate audio tracks (stems) so you can easily adjust the audio if need be. For instance, when an edit changes.

We can work lots of different type of files: separate audio tracks, OMF, and protools files.

With mixing jobs we provide you with a fully mixed audio and/or video file (mixed with music/video). Besides that we send you the audio stems so you can easily adjust the audio afterwards if/when needed.

Nope, Editing and Mastering is included in our Audio Mixing and Mastering and Sound Design products.

Yes, definitely! We are more than happy to help, even when there is no voice over involved, or if you have recorded the voice over audio somewhere else.

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