Benefits of working remotely

Just think how much time it would save you if you didn’t have to go to a recording studio all the time for voice over recordings. Instead, you can just brief, select and direct from your desk. Sounds better, right?


You direct from wherever you are at the time of recording. Easy, right?

In 2020, the world learned about the benefits of working remotely. Meetings with colleagues and clients from the comfort of your home. Voice overs recordings and audio productions work exactly like that. At Voicebooking we have been doing it since 2010. Are you on board yet?


All audio

Working remotely works for all forms of audio production. From voice overs for webvideos, commercials and explainers, to special effects and post production. E-learnings, podcasts and audiobooks are produced in the same way.


Fast delivery

Voicebooking is extremely fast in delivering your complete audio productions. The combination of remote work and the efficiency of our platform will find you the quality you are looking for.


Simple process

Our producers make sure the job gets done to keep your calendar from filling up. We find you voice overs, translators, video editors and audio designers and ensure a transparent process.


Native speakers

Our native speaking voice overs from all around the world are professionals in their field and guarantee correct pronunciation. The voice overs usually record from their home studios with broadcast quality.

Add ons

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Project management

If arranging voice overs and audio services is not your core business, feel free to let Voicebooking take care of it. It is what we do.

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On screen adjustments

Does your production require the video to be adjusted as well? Then we will take care of that too. For example, adjusting titles and pack shots.

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Buy-out handling

Are you using multiple voice overs in different countries? Then buy-out handling can get to be quite the administration. Ask Voicebooking, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Creative control

Want to get in touch with your voice over to discuss or brief? You can do that. Would you like to leave it in the hands of a dedicated producer? You can do that too. Whatever works best for you.

Thousands of creatives and producers have put their trust in us

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“Thanks to the quick delivery we made our deadline with time to spare. Which is actually besides the point, because James’ voice is a perfect match: an accent-neutral voice full of conviction and power.”
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Renata Vermeire
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Great service, fast and easy interface. And we have a fantastic account manager who helped us solve problems despite the last minute script changes. Strongly recommended.
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Len Henriksen
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“Excellent service, quick and easy interface. And we have a fantastic account manager who has helped us fix problems, despite last minute script changes. Strongly recommended.”
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Margot James

Everything on 1 efficient platform

  • 7000 voice overs in 95 languages
  • Pre-selection of the best 25 voice overs per language
  • Voice over castings within 2 hours
  • Voice-over samples
  • Immediate quotes from the voice overs
  • Free re-takes

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