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Is sound your passion and would you like to make it your career? There are many sound designer courses on offer in The Netherlands. Once you’ve completed your education in sound design, you’ll probably be itching to start. But where should you start when it comes to looking for sound designer jobs? 

Before you apply for sound designer jobs

Sound design, audio mixing and mastering for animated explainer videos, web videos, commercials and VR/360 degree videos: production companies are always on the hunt for qualified sound designers to word on productions like these. Producers and clients have high demands when it comes to video content quality, the visuals and audio, the voices and sound effects, music and the mix of these combined. 

Expensive versus inexpensive

We’re seeing that advertising agencies are creating more online video productions nowadays. They’re also opting not to send more inexpensive productions to the same expensive recording studio as, for instance, a large-scale ad for Heineken. They’re choosing to use more affordable studios that offer good value for money and can deliver quickly. It goes without saying that there’s a need for sound designers at these studios too.

Make a list

As a budding sound designer, you’ll already be familiar with the studio and the hardware needed to make a production a success. If you’ve ever been an intern, this can be a great starting point for getting a sense of the job market. When you start applying for jobs, make a list of studios you’d like to work for. Look for studios that align with where your ambitions lie. If you want to make award-winning work, a studio with ambitious clients is strongly recommended. On the other hand, a studio in which you can be engaged for different kinds of productions can teach you a lot and boost your knowledge.

Find it with Google

Alongside your own list, you can usually get quite far just by Googling sound designer jobs. Just give it a try. Through professional booking agencies, you can usually find an overview of which companies are looking for sound designers, and where. Additionally, there are Facebook groups that post media jobs and you can also do a targeted search to find suitable jobs on LinkedIn. 

Your portfolio

As you’ll already know, nearly every creative role calls for a portfolio of your own work. Even if you don’t yet have much experience, it’s a great way to give an idea of what you can do. A sound design reel (your portfolio) isn’t as easy as you would think, but let’s start from the beginning.

Create your content

When you create your first reel, you can use existing video footage, film trailers or animations. If you remove the audio and replace it with your own, it can work well and will give the company you’re applying to a sense of what you can do. If you’re applying for your first job, according to professionals, it might even be the best way to show off your skills.

Tell your own story

The length of your reel is important. Make sure your reel doesn’t go over 2 minutes. That way you can keep your viewer’s interest for longer. Because you usually apply for jobs online, you need to ensure you keep it short and sweet. Then, it’s up to you how you want to fill your reel, whether it’s several shorter clips or three longer clips, for example. Just one two-minute example is usually too long and can get a bit dull. Keep it snappy to give a dynamic impression. 

Share it with the world

Once your reel is finished, it goes without saying that you’ll want to share it with the world. Upload your reel to Vimeo in the first instance, so that you have a link you can refer people to. Additionally, YouTube and LinkedIn are great places to share your portfolio. Don’t forget to credit your artwork. The next step is to ensure your potential employer gets to see your reel.

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