Female voice over wanted?

With Voicebooking, you can find her at the click of a button. At Voicebooking,
we have a vast selection of female voice actors in our database, who can record
from their own home recording studio, on location or in our in-house studio.
Even for famous voices, Voicebooking has got you covered.

Cast your female voice over with Voicebooking

For many brands, it’s important to work with a fixed voice who fits the product and target group exactly. Voicebooking’s voice actor database contains hundreds of unique voices. This is why Voicebooking offers unique voice castings.

overview of female voice overs

Our female voice overs

At Voicebooking, we work with fixed rates and all our voice actors work from their own home recording studio. That way you can book a female voice over or voice actor extremely quickly and easily. Additionally, it’s possible to listen in during the recording. Alongside our own studio, you can also book our voice actors to record from a studio of your choice.

overview of fixed rates female voice over

Female voice over rates

A radio commercial, documentary, e-learning course or film trailer: whatever kind of production you need a voice over for, our female voice actors are hand selected and can truly do it all. What’s more, we work with fixed female voice actors. That way you are always guaranteed a professional recording. 

test female voice over with the voice over generator

Test your script with the voice over generator

Once you’ve found the right voice, Voicebooking offers you the possibility to test your voice over script with our free voice over generator. How it works? Copy and paste your text, choose your language and then the voice. And voila: within just a few seconds, you’ll have your guide track, which you can use for videos, commercials and other audiovisual productions. Then you can play around with the speed, text and feel, and edit your text where necessary.

Big-name clients work with Voicebooking

mini coca-cola spotify samsung are brands we work for

Start looking for a ‘female’ voice over now

There are thousands of top globally-based voice actors who are ready to record a voice over for you. Delivered within 1 working day and you can see what they charge immediately. This includes famous voices too. Try it and see for yourself.

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