52 tips for writing persuasive voice over scripts

Whether you’re creating a radio ad, web video or e-learning course, with a well-written script, you’re already well on your way to great results. This ebook offers you a whole host of tips on scriptwriting and storytelling.


In this ebook you’ll read

  • How to grab your target audience’s attention
  • How to write a captivating script
  • How to apply storytelling techniques
  • How to get a positive response to your script


About the author

Jente Kater is the founder and CEO of Voicebooking.com, the fastest growing voice acting agency in Europe. It maintains a web shop format and provides 24-hour delivery by professional voice talents, who record in their native tongue from locations around the world. Jente loves writing about audio-visual communication, copywriting, media and radio. Prior to Voicebooking.com he was a DJ for various national radio stations in the Netherlands.

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