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E-book: 60+ Tips to start a successful podcast

How do you reach your target audience? How do you set up a professional production? How do you develop a recognisable format? Experts will tell you. With the handy checklist, you can be sure you won’t overlook anything when starting your podcast.


In this E-book:

  • Read all about formats, production, reach and results
  • Get the best tips for a successful podcast
  • Get an inside look at 3 successful podcasts: CMO talk, The Business Books podcast, The Branddoctors podcast
  • Use our practical checklist


About the author

Jente Kater is the founder and CEO of, the fastest-growing voice agency in Europe. It has a webshop formula and offers 24-hour delivery by professional voice actors, recording in their native language from locations around the world. Jente enjoys writing about audiovisual communication, copywriting, media and radio. Before joining, he was a DJ for several national radio stations in the Netherlands.

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Make the perfect Podcast

Find Your Voice Podcasting helps companies set up podcasts. And by working with convenient modules, you decide what you want and where you need our help. From format and presenters, studio time and jingles, to coaching and promotion. Choose the modules you need, see immediately what they cost, and we'll help you create a podcast that brings out the best in you.