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  • French
  • Delivers in 24 hours
  • More than 15 years experience


Worked for Nestlé, Audi & Sony. Has a voice booth, works for fixed rates.

Studio gear

Pro audio recording booth - Fearn VT2 & Summit TPA200B pre-amp - API 7600 comp - Apolo TWIN X & RME Soundcard - Imac Pro Twisted Wave Neumann U87 & TLM 107 - Brauner VM1

Need the voice actor on a specific day? See their availability below and click on the indicator for more information. Questions? Contact the voice via the menu on the right.
15 May 2024 - 31 August 2024


Smooth experience. Fast, easy to use, responsive and excellent final voice-over.
Funnelweb Media Ltd
Good and professional! Helpful when needed, also on the phone. I would recommend these guys straight away!
i3-Technologies / i3-GROUpP

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