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Looking for a Japanese voice over?

You can easily and quickly book a Japanese voice over or voice over actor here on the Voicebooking platform. We have searched for true professionals, with their own studio and fast delivery times. Bear in mind there may be a time difference. Searching for other Asian voices? Click here for Chinese (Mandarin) voice overs or ask us for the language that you need. We have many more voices in our extended database.

Choose your Japanese voice over / voice over actor

  • JP  24h
    This Japanese voice actor sounds friendly and trustworthy.
  • JP  24h
    Toshi has a voice that's perfect for corporate style video's but he can also sound more selling.
  • JP  24h
    This voice sound light, friendly, young and reliable.
  • In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.
  • JP  24h
    Yukiko sounds reliable, light and friendly.
  • JP  24h
    Tsutomu has a light, trustworthy, corporate and friendly sound.
  • JP  24h
    Saori sounds light, young and friendly.
  • ¿Un presupuesto reducido? Cada semana graban 4 voces en off profesionales a partir de 175 euros. ¡Haz clic rápidamente!
  • CA  24h
    This voice sounds light, young and friendly.
  • In a word: fast. Watch the explanatory video.

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Así funciona

  • Entrega en 1 día laborable
  • Contacto directo con la voz
  • Repeticiones gratuitas en el tono de voz solicitado
  • No es necesario alquilar un estudio

  • Good and professional! Helpful when needed, also on the phone. I would recommend these guys straight away!
    Sven — i3-Technologies / i3-GROUpP
Casi demasiado fácil

En un par de clics sabrás lo que cuesta. Completamente transparente. También es muy práctico. Nuestros plazos de entrega suelen ser más rápidos de lo que otros pueden ofrecer.

Trabaja como quieras

Casi todas nuestras voz en off graban desde su propio estudio. ¿Prefieres escuchar para dirigir la grabación? Es posible. Naturalmente, reservar una voz en off en un estudio también es posible.

Edición de audio

Nuestros diseñadores de sonido saben cómo deben traducir un guion en sonido. En Voicebookings. Así que antes de que te des cuenta lo tendrás en tus manos.


At Voicebooking.com we have many professional Japanese voice over actors alongside others from all over the world: Britain, The Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, France, Russia… This is one of the reasons that from humble beginnings, Voicebooking.com has rapidly become one of the leading global providers of voice overs.

Another of the secrets to our success is that our unique platform allows us to digitise, streamline, and speed up the whole process of making a voice over; from sourcing the right voice artist for your project, to auditioning, briefing, recording, translating, and post production.

Simple, cost-effective and above all fast; that’s the service you can expect from Voicebooking.com.


We think along with you. We know that media professionals are working to tight budgets and production schedules. So, we designed our webshop style platform to be just that simple and easy to use. In a few clicks, you can find the ideal voice for your project from our extended database of professional, international voice over actors.

Once you’ve found that voice, you can see their fee up front before booking - because we work with transparent, fixed prices. No hidden surprises. Happy with your choice of voice talent? Then check out our optional extras. Need help with casting? Talk to our in-house casting director. Need a script translation? We have translators who specialise in voice over scripts. Need post production help, we have audio engineers on hand. Click, click, click: and within minutes you have a full fixed quote for your entire voice over project. That’s why Voicebooking.com can often record and deliver your voice over within 1 working day: quicker than our competitor’s can send your quote.

1 working day! Yep, because once you book you can upload your brief and script to our client portal, ProjectPages. From there you can oversee all aspects of your project e.g. let us know whether you want to listen along or direct when the voice actor is working on your recording. When it’s all uploaded that information goes straight through to the voice actor so they can get going asap.

You can continue to manage everything remotely, no matter where you are, thanks to the accompanying mobile app. When your voice actor is finished you’ll get a notification to let you know the raw audio is ready to listen to. Listen, send comments, chat with the voice actor directly and give approval directly, all via the app.

And if you have problems… never fear! We have human help on hand. In the form of a fully trained, multi-lingual support team. Our in-house support crew speak Dutch, English and French, so feel free to get in touch via chat, email or on the phone.


Ready to start your search? This is how you do it:
1. On the Voicebooking.com platform - create your profile.
2. Listen to demos and choose the voice actors that sound good to form a shortlist.
3. Pick the voice that best fits your project and see their fixed price.
4. Add any extra services you need and click BOOK!

You can rely on our voice over actors to not just sound great but be flexible, versatile, take direction well and deliver high-quality raw audio to meet your deadline.

For those based in Amsterdam, and looking for the old-school recording experience, you can even come into the studio with the voice actor and one of our trained audio engineers.


At Voicebooking.com you get choice, transparency, value for money, speed and quality all in one place.

All our voice over actors show their fixed prices per production type, all our additional services have fixed prices that you can click on too. So, thanks to our webshop style functionality, you can quickly and easily see the whole price of your voice over project upfront before you book. That goes for your web videos, voice messages, corporate films, movie trailers, documentaries, and YouTube ads. If your project is an exception to the rule - perhaps you have a very long script, or multiple scripts that you want recorded by the same actor and need a bulk-deal negotiated - then we’ll flag that up to you straight away and send you a bespoke price asap.

Any questions or special requests? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team with queries in either English, Dutch or French.


The famous archipelago of Japan is home to more than 125 million native speakers of Japanese. This East Asian language has much in common with Chinese, including a number of written characters, but it’s not mutually intelligible. As in other countries the modern version of the language stems from the dialect of the area surrounding its capital, in this case that’s Tokyo. There are dozens of different dialects spoken across the islands however, as the language has been influenced by its mountainous geography, and Japan’s unique history.

Almost all of our Japanese voice over actors are still resident in their home country and all of them are guaranteed native speakers, like the rest of our voice artists. Our Japanese voice talents have worked on all sorts of productions from TV and radio commercials to explainimation videos, audiobooks to voice response messages.

In Germany a Japanese voice actor is called a ‘Japanisch Sprachaufnahme’, in France ‘voix off Japonais’ and in Spain ‘Locutor Japonés’.