Creating a podcast has never been simpler

Your podcast, recorded, without the need to book a studio, or build one. All made possible with our podcast suitcase. There’s no need to all gather in a cramped studio, or have to get to grips with complex equipment or computer apps. You won’t even have to leave your house, we’ll come to you! You decide where and when you can record your podcast. 

Perhaps you’ve already considered starting a podcast, but postponed it because of all the hassle. Luckily, our podcast case makes it possible for you to record a podcast in the simplest way, with top-notch quality as a guarantee. Get studio quality recordings, without the studio!

Our clients:

Record from anywhere in the Netherlands

Sitting in the garden with a group of friends? In the meeting room with your team? With our podcast suitcase you can remotely record a group podcast from anywhere within the Netherlands.  


Studio quality, without the studio

You can record your podcast with our device, and receive the same level of quality as you would with a professional recording studio. With multiple mics, you may also receive support from our production team to create your jingle. 


Ready for publishing

Finished recording your episode? You can edit yourself, or we can take care of the editing and mastering for you, so your podcast sounds perfect for submission to audio platforms. If you’d like, we can also place the podcast on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, just give us the word. 

60+ tips about podcasting

Identifying your target audience? Wondering how to structure your podcast? Find out from experts in our e-book: 60+ tips to start a successful podcast. 

Starting is simple

With the podcast case you can record your podcast wherever and whenever you want, with 1 push of a button.