Get the best out of your production. Always.

Beyond just hiring a voice talent, there are many steps to achieving a successful voice over project. Whether you need assistance with script writing, sound design, or even localisation. As a bespoke voice over agency, we not only help you find your voice, we help breathe life into your project.


Find your voice

Are you just looking for a nice voice, or a voice over that makes your story stand out? We offer a range of curated voice talents that all work remotely, fast and for affordable prices – In a range of languages. They act, they persuade, they make your audience move.


A platform built for creative purposes

You can depend on our easy to use voice over platform. Kitted to help you reduce the chance of retakes, possibilities to listen in while recording, and collaborations with your colleagues. Start and finish your creative process with minimal hassle.


We made talk affordable, not cheap

Talk is cheap? Part of our philosophy is ensuring you get value for money. In fact, you can hire most of our voice overs for fixed prices. Just select the voice over artist you want, see the price straight away, and start recording!

As much (or as little) help as you want

Do it yourself

Find your voice, create a project and you’ll receive the voiceover recording within 1 workday, and most times even faster.

Get help where needed

Need help with casting, scriptwriting, translating, audio services, etc? Just let us know, we’re here for you.

Let us produce

To busy to run the project yourself? Or looking for a way to extend your production team remote and on call? Let’s talk!

Customer stories


Discover how Spotify uses our platform to create commercials for their advertisers. A custom-made process that works like a charm.


Animation agency Clarify loves the simplicity of our platform. Our structured process allows them to record quickly and easily.

image directs all of its voice talent via our remote studio service. Based in Amsterdam but able to record in Paris at 9:00 am and Rome at 10:00 am.

All the help you need

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Voice over talents

We have a range of voice over talents per language, ready to record and for fixed prices. With well over 5.000 voices in our extended database.

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Editing & mastering

After recording the voice over we help make it ready for publishing. We’ll edit and mix the voiceover to industry standard, so it’s just right.

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Sound design

Sound design helps you create any sense of ambience you need. With our experienced audio engineers, anything is possible, and you can do it all remotely.

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Voiceover production

Too busy? Maybe you’ve been tasked with a project that requires a foreign language? Our team of agents and producers can help you from the initial sourcing to eventually achieving the perfect sound.

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Localising content to another language? Our translators specialise in speech translation, so you can ensure tone-of-voice will remain consistent.

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Whether you need a written script, your script reviewed, or converted to spoken language. We’ll help you best to tell your story.

Ready to start?

In need of a voice over agency that can really help you bringing your projects to life? Just browse through our database and find your voice. Or have a talk with sales first.