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These 5 video animations are doing well at Cannes

The 2016 Cannes Lions Festival started Saturday and this year they’ve had over 4,000 entries. Which makes it rather tricky to say that you’ve already seen them all. In this blog` post we’re taking a look at 5 videos that got our hearts racing.

1 – Museum of Dali “Dreams of Dalí: 360º Video”

Producer: Goodby Silverstein & Partners / San Francisco.

How do you promote a museum without simply going through your showpieces one at a time? With this 360-degree film you can enjoy the magic of Dali anywhere, without having to stand in a queue for an hour and a half.

2 – OTTO -“The Letter”

Producer: Heimat, Berlin.

In the category ‘if it was a normal film, we’d have all seen it 100 times before’ comes this fantastic animation. No, an animated film. Or in fact, you could call it a ‘mini movie’. Either way seriously impressive storytelling.

3 – Honda “Paper”

Producer: RPA / USA.

As a car manufacturer how do you show the world that you don’t just make cars, but in fact make all sorts of moving things, from lawnmowers to astronauts’ buggies? Pay close attention to the soundscape too, it’s easily as beautiful as the visuals.

4 – Adobe – The Color Eater


Eat this. Adobe gives colour to the world of creatives.

5 – Lotería de Navidad España – “Justino”

Producer: Leo Burnett, Madrid.

Ok, this is not going to be the next blockbuster from Pixar here. But let’s say, it could be the pre-roll for it. A fantastic storyline and high quality 3D effects.

These animations are obviously just a small selection of all the participants in the Cannes Lions. Curious to see the other animations and campaigns? Keep an eye on the Lions website over the next couple of days.