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Choosing a good video producer: what do you need to look out for?

Time to put your company in the spotlight with a strong promo video, but who are you going to get to make it? How do you choose a good producer for your online video? We asked video producers themselves and came up with three top tips for choosing the producer who’s right for you.

1. Let the producer work with you on the concept

All being well, you have a good idea of how you want your company to come across in the video. You probably have a strong idea about the content of it and the messaging. You just need to give the job to a video producer, right?

Of course you can brief a producer and set them to work: experience shows that plenty of producers will respond to an idea with  ‘great, we’ll do that’, but in this way you might not get everything you can out of them. Maybe your company would benefit more from three testimonial videos than a corporate vid. It really is advisable to not just impose your idea on the maker of the video. Karen Vendman from RAAK Video knows how important a good relationship is: ‘There is a lot of difference between various video producers, that’s why you need to look for one you have a click with, a click with the people who work there but also with their methodology.’

The reason why, is dead simple: the producer can look at your video with fresh, and more importantly, expert eyes. The best producers will have a good reason for choosing another form, can sell in a video, knows how to keep the attention of the audience and will do everything that makes your story or product come across stronger.

So, it’s better to describe the goal you want to reach with your video – and then question the producer about their opinion on it. A producer will perform better when they can proactively think along with you about what needs to be made, because they can put more of their knowledge and enthusiasm into it. If you don’t agree about what it should be, you can always fall back on your original idea.

2. Take ALL costs into account when considering quotes

So many video producers, so many various tenders. Just where do the differences in price come from? It’s important to make sure that all costs of the video are covered in the deal that you make.

And with all costs, we mean all. From coming up with the concept, writing it, the necessary recording and editing days to the number of revisions you may need. Make clear agreements about corrections after the first version of the video is delivered. Most of the time 1 or 2 rounds of corrections will be included and so you have two chances to say what you would like tweaked in the video. Make sure that the clock doesn’t suddenly start running again just because you want to change one last tiny thing.

Then, of course, there are the hidden costs that can really make you go over budget. A good example is the use of music in the video and the eventual rights associated with it. Buying and using existing artwork, such as logos, a house style or even a font can all mean that the costs are considerably higher than estimated. Discuss all of these things at the outset or at least when you have the quote in.

Another example is the use of voice-overs. The costs of these can vary greatly. Are you going to choose for a professional bread and butter voiceover, a moonlighter or an actor? With actors in particular it’s difficult to estimate costs in advance. Especially when they work with an agent who still has their head in the 90’s. Another thing, not to be underestimated: are you going to be recording in a studio or can the voice-over record from their own home studio? It’s this last reason that we at can work with set prices.

3. Make sure that your videos are watched by your target audience

Sometimes you already have a really firm idea in your head of how your film will look and which video producer you want to make it. Naturally your video needs to look spotless, but your target audience also needs to be able to find it. Some folks have enough knowhow to manage this themselves. Others have more trouble. Even Robert Doggers from Yune knows the importance of a good distribution strategy.

‘Look for an agency that doesn’t just stop at production, but also knows how to ensure that your video is really seen by your target.’

Why is this so important? If your video gets a lot of views, then your target can find you much more easily when searching Google or YouTube. That in turn makes sure that you get seen more often. Finding a video producer who has experience with this is really important. They know what to do to trigger your audience, so that they’ll watch. Obviously you want people to watch your video and not for it to die a quiet death.

In short: look for someone that you have a click with and with whom you can enjoy a free exchange of ideas. Make sure that there is clarity. There cannot be any misunderstandings between you! In this way you create a good working relationship and cooperation – both now and in future – is not left to chance. blogs together with industry experts. For this blog many thanks to Nils Oldewelt (CNTNT.CREATORS), Robert Doggers (Yune) and Karen Veldman (RAAK Video).

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