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What will be the 12 video content trends of 2019?

As a video content maker, are you looking for inspiration? Just as in 2018 there are once again interesting happening. What should you be looking out for? And what can you do to better reach target audiences and engage them? In short: how can you be sure to stand out from the content crowd? In this blog we put the 12 best video content trends of 2019 in a tidy little row for you.

1. Video replaces text and phone calls

Images say more than a 1,000 words can. That’s why in 2019 we’re going to exchange a lot of calls and mail for videos. Because honestly, what is nicer than personal contact? No complicated cameras or setups are needed. Let your contacts be present for your cheery Friday afternoon drinks or lunchtime stroll. Simply put your iPhone in selfie mode, record and off you go. Check out this video from Bonjoro, for example. Then see what B2B uses their app can provide.

2. Micro-video

We´re all busy, busy, busy. And no longer have time to watch long videos. Which is why the so-called ´micro-videos´ are gaining in popularity. In these you need to bring your message over in scenes just a few seconds long. A good example of this can be found with Instagram´s Stories. People are even setting up courses in this way, which you can then follow via an Instagram account. This video content trend is being effectively used by these three Dutch entrepreneurs for example.

3. …and we´re live

The functions that allow you to go live on Facebook and Instagram have of course been with us a good while. But how often do you actually see them used? And how often do you use them yourself. The expectation for 2019 is that the number of live videos is going to grow. And just why that might be the case, is pretty clear: your followers see that you´re going live and you can react directly to their input. The ideal way to involve them then. What do you reckon to a live dance battle and your audience voting live on who gets through to the next round?

Dance Craze Battle: LIVE!

Geplaatst door BuzzFeed op Donderdag 3 maart 2016

4. 360 degrees

It’s not just the director who decides what the viewer sees. The viewer wants to decide for themself where to focus. So, we´re going to see further growth in 360 degree video. You don’t need to immediately retire your director of course. 360 degree video is a nice complement to a ´normal´ broadcast. Or a cool animated video. But of course, you´re going to want spatial audio with that. In this documentary about lions (below), National Geographic lets us look around for ourselves. This could also be a good way to give a tour of your new offices or share a video of a workshop or presentation with your clients once it’s finished.

5. Learning, learning, learning

Put the books back on the shelf. E-learning was already hot, but in 2019 it’s only going to get hotter. Watch and learn wherever you like, whenever you like and above all, learn at your own tempo. An online e-learning course is naturally far easier to keep up to date than a book. Here at Voicebooking we´re finding voice overs are wanted for e-learning purposes more than ever. In fact, leave the flight-safety card in your chair pocket too, because Virgin Atlantic have swapped their stewardesses for the animation video below:

6. Show, don’t sell

The time of flashing, ugly-as-hell ads filling our screens is past. Whoever is on Instagram, has already seen another marketing trend: video ads are getting increasingly pretty. You can see here a distinct difference with the quick and dirty method, in which you do a one-take selfie video with your iPhone. And also with the filmic method, where you almost get the impression that you´re watching a documentary. HubSpot has a great listicle of 17 beautiful Instagram Marketing videos if you want to take a closer look.

7. Real

Personal contact is going to play a much bigger role in everything. In your videos don’t present yourself as being other than you are, because your viewers are guaranteed to see right through your act. We know that not everything is rose petals and moonlight. Tell real stories. Share your less successful moments in your videos too, and how you deal with them. What challenges did you take on, and what can your target audience learn from them? Can you explain, at the same time, in what areas your services might provide relief to your audience´s difficulties?

8. VR and AR

Technology is moving on in leaps and bounds. We´re seeing that in the use of VR and AR, which is getting increasingly realistic. Even the NPO (Dutch Public Service Broadcasting) is making grateful use of these. For instance, using them alongside programming about elections or the weather. And what did you make of the AR used by The Weather Channel to help motivate viewers to evacuate their homes as a hurricane approached? In a matter of seconds the weather reporters were up to their armpits in flood water! How can VR and AR strengthen your messaging?

9. Influencer videos

If you want to sell a product, word of mouth advertising is of course still the best way to do so. That is doubly true if it is your hero, perhaps a celebrity or your biggest icon, who values the product. It’s expected that the number of influencer marketing videos is going to grow in 2019. We know that someone is getting paid for doing it, that we´re being influenced, but… we still want to have the stuff…

10. Personalised video

Talking about engaging your audience… How cool is it when you get a personalised video? There are already services, whereby you can easily personalise explainer videos by coupling them to a spreadsheet of info.
Have a look at the example below, wherein the name of the recipient is recorded and then pictured with the services they use.

11. Vertical is the new horizontal

At the start of the smartphone era, plenty of people recorded video vertically. Usually resulting in a narrow video with ugly black bars down both sides. Increasingly apps support vertical videos, including both Instagram and Snapchat. Meaning you don’t need to turn your phone while recording or playing back. According to Snapchat data, vertical videos are watched through till the end 9 times more often than horizontal ones. And according to research from Digiday vertical videos of 15 seconds in length are 50% more often watched completely. Do you want your video to score highly? Then try going vertical.

12. Internet has almost overtaken TV

A few years ago a lot of people were still watching TV. The SocialReport predicts that in 2019 people will be online for around 2.6 hours a day and will be watching TV for about 2.7 hours. That means that on average people watch 45 minutes of online video each day on their smartphone. A nice wake up call to anyone who still isn’t using online video, or isn’t using it enough.

Data: Zenith


Those were the 12 video content trends for 2019. With which trends will you be getting to work? Do you have something to add to the list? Or what do you think will really be old hat in 2019? I’m curious to hear!


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