Tips, Video | February 25, 2021

Keeping voice overs low-key

One of the biggest trends in voice-over at the moment is keeping voice overs low-key. By putting as little emphasis as possible on specific words, voice overs manage to emphasize one overarching emotion. How do you ensure that the emotion takes the lead? Keeping it low-key starts with writing the text. In this video I … Continued

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Tips, Video | February 11, 2021

Remote working with voice overs – Our tips!

Working remotely with voice-overs has taken off in recent years. This is because more and more voice-overs have their own studio. But that doesn’t always go smoothly… At Voicebooking we have 10 years of experience in remote recording. And I’ll be honest, the first few years were a bit of a challenge. What works well? … Continued

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Communication, Inspiration, News | January 7, 2021

Why storytelling beats facts

“We are active in 61 countries. Our turnover has increased by 30% and we invest 35.000 dollars in sustainability.” These facts can’t be more clear. And more boring… But what if you really want to reach someone? Well, then you need to come up with a great story. In this video I talk about the … Continued

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Inspiration | November 19, 2020

The death of a good voice over

Voice over artists are paid for emphasizing certain words. But how do you emphasize the word “death”? Well, have a look and find out in this video. As a voiceover, you get paid to emphasise certain words, not too often and not too much. But what if the word is the word ‘death’? Let’s work … Continued

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Communication, Guestblog, Inspiration, Online Video, Video | October 29, 2020

How can people with a visual impairment ‘watch’ your video?

(Voicebooking Guestblog) Smooth music, atmospheric shots in quick succession, text on screen, just a few of the tools at a video maker’s disposal. All very nice of course, but they’re also inaccessible to the 350.000 people in The Netherlands who are blind or who have a visual impairment.In September a new legislation was introduced to … Continued

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