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We’ve been producing podcasts since 2007 – working with us, you won’t just sort your podcast recording, you’ll find your voice. With our years of experience, we can help you create a podcast that’s as solid as a house.

Also, we’re the first podcast platform to work with smart packages. From state-of-the-art podcast recording equipment, to mixing and mastering services, we also help with jingle creation, presentation coaching & promotion. Choose what you need, view the initial costs immediately, and we’ll help you create a podcast that brings out the best in you.

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Ensuring you get the best possible start

Podcasting may be trending but that doesn’t mean you should rush into it. You may already have a solid idea on what your podcast should be about, but how do you make it a podcast worth listening to? With us you can discover what it takes to achieve that.

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Only pay for what you need

Choose whether you want to record a podcast with us, in our studio, or at an alternative location of your choice. Would you rather utilise our podcast recording tools? You may also hire our podcast set to use anywhere in the Netherlands, for flexible group podcast recording. 

Maybe you just require audio engineering for your podcast, or even to touch up your podcast jingles. Let us know what you need, we have the necessary resources to make it possible. 

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Specialists helping specialists

Does your podcast fit in a particular niche? You do what you do best, and speak about what you’re specialised in. You decide what your podcast is about, after all. 

We help with audio editing, pre-production steps, presentation coaching, mixing podcast audio, as well as arranging a podcast co-editor. Any and everything you need to create a podcast series with loyal listeners, we can help with. 

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Go live, fully prepared

Once your podcast is finalised, we’ll ensure it’s available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and all other relevant channels including YouTube. Did you know that 1 in 3 podcast listeners also enjoy listening to the radio? 

If you need, we can also help you draft social posts and press releases to help with the overall promotion of your podcast. Simply select the modules you require, then we’ll get to work.

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Do you want to record a podcast without the need of a studio? Check out our podcast case here.
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Are you an experienced presenter with interest in a range of topics? Let us know your specialities.

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Words from our happy podcasters

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We've really achieved something with our CMO talk podcast. We've even won an Esprix and Content Marketing award. The presentation coaching also helped a lot.
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Klaas Weima
CMO Talk
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99% of b2b podcasts are boring. You helped us come up with an engaging format that helped us quickly gain a huge fan base.
speech balloon
Remy Ludo Gieling
Business Books Podcast
quote-icon quote-icon
It was so nice of you to link me to presenter Jo van Egmond. Together we make the perfect combination.
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Kirsten Goes
TwoBirds Company

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We help you get the best out of your podcast’s production, by giving industry insights and working with handy packages. You’d also be glad to know that with us, you’ll be working with the largest voice over platform in the Netherlands.