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Looking for a French voice over?

You can find, book and organise a French voice over or voice over actor quickly and easily via the Voicebooking platform. We love the French language, so you can trust that each and every one of these actors is a top voice over. Almost all of them live in France and are in high demand there, where they are well-known. In addition to this selection we have many more in our extended database. Questions? Drop us an email.

Choose your French voice over / voice over actor

  • FR  24h
    This voice sounds corporate, heavy and friendly.
  • FR  24h
    Voice AED714 sounds natural, young and friendly.
  • UK  24h

    Voice actor SEC271 has a full, dark voice but can also sound funny and refined. Perfect for recording characters.

  • In addition to our regular voices, we have about 5,000 other voice over actors in our database.
  • FR  24h

    French voice actress SAJ220 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fresh, happy and informative voice.

  • SE  24h
    This voice sounds corporate, heavy and friendly.
  • NL  24h

    A natural, versatile voice with a lot of experience.

  • Har du et lavt budsjett? Hver uke gjør 4 stemmeskuespillere opptak fra 175 euro. Klikk deg videre nå!
  • BE  24h
    Looking for a dark French voice with character? Voice DDJ964 can also be type-cast
  • BE  24h
    From soft, friendly and sexy to corporate, natural and cool. French voice actress BEM912 can do it all.
  • FR  24h
    Friendly, light toned voice. French voice actor JNC224 sounds natural.
  • Use our guide track generator. It’s free.
  • BE  8h
    This voice sounds light, young and friendly.
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Well that's a happy coincidence! Because if you´re looking for a French voice over actor, Voicebooking.com is exactly the sort of voice over agency you need! We are one of the world's leading voice over agencies and have literally hundreds of French voice over talents to choose from - not just French natives but also native speakers of Canadian French and Belgian French (or Walloon as it is commonly known). Our French speaking voice over actors live all over: in Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, Marseille, Lyon, across Canada and Belgium. And thanks to the streamlined digital process on the Voicebooking.com platform, they are all ready and waiting to record your voice over from their professional, home studios.

We help with the searching and booking of all sorts of international voice overs. No time to look yourself? Then we can organise a voice casting for you. If you need your voice over script rewritten or translated we have native script writers and translators on hand. Want someone else to take care of the post production and audio mixing? Even those talents we have in-house. The unique Voicebooking.com platform has been designed to be as simple to use as a webshop but we want to be the one-stop shop for all things voice over!

Check out are extensive database of native voices, you can download and listen to their demos, and shortlist your favourites. Our super speedy methods are user-friendly and intuitive, but if you have questions or need extra assistance you can always get in touch with our multilingual support team. They can help you every step of the way in Dutch, English or French, whichever you´re most comfortable with.


You can book your voice over, French or otherwise, in just a few steps!

First: make a profile on the site and use our practical filtering tools to narrow down your search.

Next: With your voice over shortlist in hand, listen to our voice over actors demos and pick the voice that best suits your needs. You can read about the voice actor´s experience and availability on their personal profile page.

Choose the type of production you are making: for all standard production types (think: explanimations, corporate films, movie trailers, ad spots, and web videos for example) you can see the cost of the raw audio recording immediately.

Add any bolt-on services: let us know if you need translation or audio mixing services, or choose from the other displayed options.

See your total quote and book!

In addition to sounding great, all our voice over actors take direction well, and hit deadlines - that's why we work with them. From their home studios they can record quickly and deliver high-quality raw audio, and in most cases they can do it in as little as 1 working day! Should you prefer to go into the studio, we have a fully equipped, professional recording studio and you can book one of our professional audio engineers too. For all options we guarantee the highest possible sound quality.


Are you working on a commercial, a documentary, online e-learning or a movie trailer? Our talented voice over artists have experience working on all sorts of projects and in almost all cases work for fixed, transparent prices.

With our online calculator you can work out the exact price of your voice over project in advance. You simply select the sort of production you are making, e.g. a web video, and you will immediately see the price that the voice over charges for that kind of work. If you need additional services, e.g. audio mixing, you can add that and see the fixed price associated. Because you are in direct control of the voice over process, we can always offer you fair prices and in this way you put together your own quote in minutes.

Should you need extra assistance - perhaps your project is an exception to the rule, e.g. it has multiple voice overs or needs to be completed in multiple languages, then our experienced support staff are on hand to help you with a bespoke quote asap. Speak to them in Dutch, French or English, whichever you prefer.

Rest assured Voicebooking.com is expert in all things voice overs. If we´re translating the script for you then you know it will be engaging, spoken language which keeps your message coming over loud and clear. Or if you need audio mixing, we can tailor the sound for your goals - making it suitable for any purpose from mobile to cinema. You can also come to us for these services even if you already have the voice over recording in your pocket. We'll be happy to help you finish your project.

Have you worked with us before? Then you can login to the client portal, ProjectPages and start your project straight away. Liaise quickly and easily with HQ and the voice over themself with our chat functionality.


Everyone and their grandma seems to have an app these days, we know. But, ours is there for the explicit reason of making your job easier by allowing you oversight of the whole voice over project on the go.

Say, you've found your perfect French voice actor. Just the one you wanted. Young and happy? Or was it corporate and business-like? Whatever your preference, you will be able to find them in our extensive database. Then, you've accepted your quote and booked, and uploaded your brief and script to the platform. Well, the voice over actor gets recording straightaway. And you… can go about your day as per normal.

As soon as your audio is ready you will get a notification on the app, you can listen to it right there and then, send notes via the chat to the voice over or approve it immediately with just one click. No matter where you are, you can check in, listen along and keep an eye (and an ear!) on the whole project, every step of the way.

In 99% of cases the voice over talent will have the audio back to you, ready to download within 1 working day. We have optimised the platform over the years to best reflect clients´ needs and can deliver your French voice overs at the speed of sound!

If you´re after multiple international voice overs, never fear! We can handle them for you. We work with the very best voice overs from France to Hawaii, Greece to Hungary. Take a look, on our voice overs page for more info.


Like Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, French is a romance languages with its roots in Latin. One of the most popular languages in the world, it is estimated that there are 274 million people worldwide who are able to speak French, and for 76 million of them it is their mother tongue. French is an official language in 29 countries around the world with approximately 26% of the European Union population speaking French.

There are many different varieties and dialects of French. Not just the regional dialects within France itself but also Belgian French, Swiss French, Canadian French and African varieties in countries which were once under French colonial rule, such as Algeria, Cameroon and other Sub-Saharan countries.

Our French voice overs have worked for famous global brands and all kinds of projects. You can hear their experience in their voice. Are you working on a podcast? An audiobook, commercial, film or online video? If you´re looking for a professional voice over, we'll gladly help you find just the right one.