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The all-new Voicebooking.com: These are the biggest changes.
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01 March 2017

Voicebooking.com Header

After a year of hard work, it’s finally here: the brand new Voicebooking.com website. Now you can search, book and brief your voice in one go. We’ve also added lots of other new features. In this blog I’ll list the most important upgrades.

1) Easy casting

First aid in cases of option paralysis! Ask yourself: how fast does a voice deliver? Can I tag along during the recording session? Is the voice even available? It’ll be crystal clear within the blink of an eye.

Voice Catalog

2)  Rich profiles & downloadable demos

From now on each voice has their own profile page. So you know who you’re working with. And you’re going to like this one: instantly download their demos, just click the arrow next to the sound file.

Voice Profile

3)  Play with the price

To the right of the voice profile you’ll find a price calculator. With it you can directly see what the voice over charges for extras such as audio post production, script writing or a dial-in session. Soon, you’ll even be able to see what the voice charges if you book him or her in an external location.

Price Calculator

4) And here it is: create your project INSTANTLY

It used to be the case that you selected your voice on one site, and created the project via another. And yes, we thought that was twice as much work too. From now on you can directly click through to create your project. You don’t even have to login!

Briefing Form

I hope these new features ease your booking process even more. Have we missed something? Let me know by sending me a mail. We’ll be adding lots of features over the next couple of months. All to make the process of getting your perfect recording easier.

P.S. We had to install a new Facebook button for the website. You like the site? Great! Please like it here :-)

This blog has been written by Jente Kater

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